Completing Treasure Hunts in Prey

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Prey contains dozens of mission objectives for you to complete. Some, such as whether to save or kill survivors, affect which ending you get when you finish the story. Others, such as treasure hunts, are optional but beneficial to you provided you're willing to invest time into them.

As any pirate worth his peg leg will tell you, you can't find treasure unless you've got a map. Prey contains four treasure maps—only you've got to find those before you can use them to hunt treasure.

Two notes about using this guide. First, maybe you're the sort of player who doesn't like to have puzzles spoiled for you, but you need a nudge in the right direction. This guide was written with you in mind. Every section that tells you how to find a treasure map starts by giving you that map's clue. If you don't want the solution, stop reading there and see if you can figure it out. If you get stuck, or if you prefer to skip hints and get right to the good stuff, read the full section.

Second, finding all four maps and working out their clues gives you a safe combination. Don't try to be clever by looking up the combination and skipping right to the safe: if you don't solve the clues one at a time and register each number, the game will detect that you've cheated and punish you by lowering the brightness of your flashlight and decreasing your crawling speed.

How to Use Prey's Treasure Maps

Prey's four treasure maps belong to members of Fatal Fortress, a gaming clan. Gaining a map reveals one clue. Collecting all four and working out their riddle leads you to a treasure. Thus, treasure hunting is a two-step process: first, you've got to find the treasure. Next you must solve their clue. Luckily, this guide will tell you where to find all the maps and help you crack their code.

How to Begin Prey's Treasure Hunt

The hunt begins in the Crew Quarters. Look for Danielle Sho's workstation and interact with it to read an email called Treasure Hunt. Reading that emails adds the objective to your active missions, and provides background on the treasure hunt if you're interested in lore.

How to Find the First Treasure Map: Hordinbaffle Flagdastreous

Head to the first floor of the Arboretum and make your way to the airlock. Locate the body of Zachary West and loot it to find a map. Examine it. The clue indicates a large room containing three circular objects.

Stop reading if you don't want the answer!

Remember the water treatment facility in the Life Support area? The facility, located on level B2, has three large, circular tanks. Go the facility then face the position indicated on your map. Zoom in on it until you see a large number. The game should register it to your mission log.

How to Find the Second Treasure Map: Captain Stabfellow

Head back to the Crew Quarters and climb up to the recreation center on level 2. Find a large table over which looms a Fatal Fortress screen. You'll find the map on the table next to a character sheet. Check out the map and notice that it points you toward a square-shaped room on the second level of an area.

Give up? The answer is waiting for you just below.

You're not far from the solution: the recycler room in the crew quarters, just west of the Yellow Tulip. Enter the room and look for a large number printed on the wall. Zoom in until the game adds it to your mission log.

How to Find the Third Treasure Map: Rosalyn Swyft

The holder of this treasure map, Emma Beatty, is still alive. She's hanging out on the first level of the Crew Quarters, in the hall just outside the fitness center. That's the good news. The bad news—or maybe not, depending on what ending you're shooting for—is that she's being manipulated by mind control. Do what you feel is necessary to retrieve the map from her. Go the Cargo Bay to find her clue.

Figure it out yet? Check below if you need a hand.

Proceed to level 1 of the Cargo Bay and make for the southwest corner. Zoom in to find a number painted on the wall next to a container.

How to Find the Fourth and Final Treasure Map: Melindra Shadowcorner

Obtain this map by heading to the second level of Deep Storage and accessing Danielle's PC. Not so fast: you need to get to the command center, but you'll probably notice mimics and a thermal phantom hanging around when you get there. Sneak, kill them, or use the nearby turret to get rid of the pack. Once you get her map, the clue points you to GUTS.

This is the last clue. Sure you want to peek? Read on.

Go to Fuel Storage and look for the entrance to the Shuttle Bay. There's a fourth number written on the wall, which you'll need to zoom in for the game to log it.

How to Finish the Treasure Hunt

You should have all four numbers by now: 3, 6, 1, and 5. The order you found them in should be the correct combination. Use it by returning to Crew Quarters and opening in the safe in Abigail Foy's cabin.

Looking for other safe combos? Our Prey guide tells you all safe locations and keycodes as well as keycodes to unlock doors.

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