Prey: How to Find The Neuromod Fabrication Plans

Take the most direct route to the Neuromod Fabrication Plans in Prey.


Prey encourages you to reduce, reuse, and recycle materials by converting them into items, but only once you have access to the game's Fabricator and Recycler. Among other bits and bobs, the Fabricator lets you spin off neuromods. First, you need the Neuromod Fabrication Plan, stashed away in a private office located in the Neuromod Division's Fabrication section.

Preparing to Find the Neuromod Fabrication Plan

Before you can enter the private office where the Neuromod Fabrication Plan is stored, you must find a couple of items. First, get the Huntress Boltcaster, a ranged tool that lets you hit buttons from a distance. You can find a Huntress Boltcaster in several areas; one of your earliest opportunities will be in Dr. Lorenzo Calvino's office.

Second, you need the keycode for the Volunteer Quarters Door. Like many passcodes, this one is procedurally generated, meaning it changes from game to game. You'll find it in the executive offices. Use Bianca Goodwin's computer and look for an email with the subject "Volunteer Attitude." Read it to find the passcode.

How to Find the Neuromod Fabrication Plan

Once you've got the Huntress Boltcaster and Volunteer Quarters Door keycode, retrace your steps to the Neuromod Division and head up to the second floor. You've got a couple of ways to get there: pass through the wall in the foyer, or climb the elevator shaft by way of your GLOO Cannon.

Go up to the Volunteer Quarters door and use your keycode. On the other side of the door, you find a dark room. Turn to your left and enter the first office along the wall. Search behind the desk for a maintenance door, pop it open, and duck inside. Crawl along the shaft until you need to activate your GLOO Cannon to climb up to the next level, following the passageway once you get there.

The passageway leads to an office containing two bodies. To your left you should see a window. Break the glass and climb out. Proceed cautiously from here: a telepath alien inhabits this area, and will pounce on you if you make too much noise.

Move down the walkway until you come to a locked office door. Look around to spot a ledge that looks into the office's window. Hop up onto the ledge, break the window—noise that cannot be avoided—and fire your Huntress Boltcaster to trigger the manual override switch inside the room, unlocking the door.

Descend back down to the ground and enter the office, which belongs to Halden Graves. On your right sits a table on top of which lies the Neuromod Fabrication Plans.

How to Use the Neuromod Fabrication Plan

Be advised that fabricating neuromods is expensive. Neuromods are upgrade tools; you can't expect to duplicate them easily or cheaply. After so many uses, you'll need to return to Graves' office and interact with his computer to renew your license.

The neuromod fabrication isn't the only item you can find quickly. Read our Prey guides for information such as how to take the most direct route to finding your first gun, and the keycodes to all locked doors.

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