Prey: Breakout - Walkthrough Part 2

Have wrench, will combat. Continue your dangerous trek through Talos I with our walkthrough to Prey.


Prey's campaign begins in earnest after you discover Patricia's body and pick up her discarded wrench. If those steps sound unfamiliar to you, refer to part one of our walkthrough to complete the "First Day on the Job" portion of the story.


Backtrack to the apartment and head toward the window overlooking the balcony. The window is intact, but as luck would have it, you just picked up a wrench. Smash the glass before heading out and working your way to the computer terminal. Interact with the workstation to read through the emails its former user had waiting. Once you've read a few, a white objective marker should pop up.

Return to where you picked up your wrench and bid Patricia a fond farewell, but tread carefully: a Mimic hunts nearby. Remember that Mimics can assume the form of any object. If you start seeing double, odds are one of the items in question is an alien thirsting for your blood. Three solid hits with the wrench will put it down.

Before moving on, search the Mimic's corpse. Fallen enemies can be looted for organs that you'll be able to use as ingredients in crafting recipes later on. Don't worry about being able to loot all body parts right now; you'll become more proficient at scavenging as you advance in Prey.


Follow the marker until a helicopter comes into view. Keep on moving forward and cross the threshold just under a sign labeled TranStar. Make your way to the elevator and confirm the same appointment that came up earlier.

Approach the reception desk and interact with the computer. There's a computer behind the desk, along with a medical kit inside the cabinet adjacent to the desk. Move cautiously through the doorway behind the desk—a Mimic lies in wait beyond, although this one can't reach you. Move on to the exit, picking up the TranScribe digital recorder on your way out.

You could enter the lobby from here. All in due time. Instead, take the catwalk to your left. Two Mimics lurk by the control room. You can bum rush them, but you do an attack bonus for attacking undetected, so press crouch and then walk to sneak up on them first. Loot the bodies, then search the corpse of the victim they feasted on before you crashed their party.

Return to the decontamination chamber and watch the cutscene. Exit the chamber—the Mimics absconded, so don't worry about them—and grab the medical kit as you follow the exit to the next area.


Push into Research & Design and be ready to fight off Mimics. Remember to sneak up on them whenever you can to take advantage of the damage bonus you'll receive. When the coast is clear, head to the workstation to your left as you enter R&D. Pick up all the items you can carry, especially the flowers, which are a crafting ingredient you'll make use of later.

Go into Bellamy's office and poke around until you find the keycard permitting access into the Simulation Lab. Use his computer terminal before unlocking the nearby door using your keycard. You'll spot a new type of Typhon alien, but it won't engage you just yet.

Move down the hall until you come to Veer Singh's body. Fight off the Mimic and lay claim to the GLOO Cannon and accompany canisters lying nearby. Make sure to loot Veer Singh for items.

Continuing on, you'll pass through the security station into the next area. Switch from the wrench to the GLOO Cannon. You'll hear from January, who requests your aid installing a Neuromod to aid in dispatching Typhons in the area. Make your way to the Neuromod display, killing or skirting Mimics as you go along. Pick up your handy-dandy wrench and break the glass to help yourself to the case's contents. The Neuromod lets you choose skills to upgrade your character. Think carefully before making any decisions.

You'll need all the help you can get as the game's terror-filled campaign presses on. Our Prey guide divulges all the keycodes to unlock doors as well as safe locations and combinations, giving you a leg up against the Typhon.

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