How to Find a Gun in Prey

Wrenches are good. Bullets are better. Find out how to find your first gun in Prey.


Prey gives you some say in the development of Morgan Yu, the character you control through the first-person shooter reboot from Arkane Studios. One choice out of your control is the wrench, the first weapon you receive. Wrenches make better tools than weapons, especially against some of the aliens infesting the Talos I space station where the game's story takes place.

While your wrench is good in a pinch, you'll want to take the fastest route possible to your first gun.

Where to Find a Gun

After the wrench, you'll get your hands on the GLOO Gun. However, it's a gun almost in name only. You can use the GLOO Gun to dispatch some enemies, but Arkane designed it with climbing in mind. Trek ahead a little further and you'll find a shotgun. Those will be your tools of the trade throughout most of Prey's campaign.

To get the shotgun, make your way to the lobby of Talos I. Your entrance triggers an explosion. Head toward the security station by heading to the right on Level One of the area. You'll encounter plenty of Mimic aliens along your path. Don't take a risk by bludgeoning them with your wrench. Instead, draw them in range of a nearby turret.

Through the security door you should see some yellow pipes. Climb them, then crouch and move forward to crawl. Proceed until you reach a hole in the wall. Drop through it, and you'll find yourself overtop the security station. Descend into the office and grab the shotgun on a nearby desk. Don't forget to take the shells on your way out.

How to Find Pre-Order Weapons

Arkane rewards those who pre-ordered Prey by providing access to a shotgun much earlier. Redeem your pre-order code and begin a new game. Once you take control of Morgan Yu, enter your office and open your locker. Within you'll find the Margrave shotgun waiting. Now armed and dangerous, you won't have to rely on a turret to mow down any aliens you come across as you head back onto the main path.

You're properly equipped with a weapon, but what about keycodes? Check out our guide regarding keycodes to unlock doors, or learn where to find all of Prey's workstation passwords.

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