Prey: Keycodes To Unlock Doors

Leave no door on Talos I unopened by relying on our guide to all the keycodes in Prey.


Talos I, the space station setting of Arkane Studios' Prey, holds many secrets for you to discover. The best of those secrets tend to be hidden away behind locked doors and safes, even on corpses in special cases. There are two ways to unlock their treasures: scouring nooks and crannies for keycodes, or hacking the keypad. Hacking involves guesswork. Think of our guide to all the keycodes in Prey as the ultimate hack—the skeleton key to any and all barred areas.

Below, you'll find every keycode in the game organized by area name. Bear in mind that not all keycodes are static. Some are procedurally generated each time you play through Prey. Certain factors in your playthrough will affect the form those keycodes take.

Crew Quarters

  • Executive Suites: You have three options to obtain this passcode. 1) Go to Will Mitchell's computer and pore over his Food Request email. 2) Enter the recycler area and look for a note on the table. 3) You must have accessed the fitness center first for this method to work. Assuming you've done that, backtrack to the fitness center and interact with Emma Beatty's terminal, then read the email with the subject Personal Training Session.
  • Fitness Center: Gaining access to this locked area can be accomplished in one of two ways, and they're both pretty simple. You can swing by the restroom in Cabin B and reading the note you'll find there, or go to the security station terminal and pull up the New Gym Code email.
  • Freezer: Lie low and wait for the cook to open the freezer. After that, the keycode is easy pickings.
  • Mail Room: Learning this code requires that you first find the habitation pod belonging to Anders Kline. It's in the crew quarters. Pop open the pod and read the note within.

Deep Storage

  • Stairwell: In a two-for-one deal, reading the memo near Zachary West's terminal, found in Corporate Information Technology, gets you the passcode as well as a second code belonging to Ivy Song.


  • Maintenance Tunnel: Look for the discarded corpse of Kimberly Borno. There's a note on it; read the note to find the code.

Hardware Labs

  • Director Thorstein's Office: Snoop around on Thadeus York's computer terminal until you come across an email titled You're in Charge. In its contents, you'll find the keycode you need to enter Director Thorstein's office.
  • Machine Shop Supply Closet: Entering this area requires a bit of work. First, go to Small Scale Testing and find the computer terminal there. You won't be able to access it without a password, which you'll find on a note stuck to a clipboard on the floor. Enter the password and browse for an email called If You Need Supplies. You'll find what you're looking for there.

Life Support

  • Storage Room: Go to Oxygen Flow Control Room and check out the note waiting for you there.

Neuromod Division

  • Security Booth: You won't be able to gain access to the security booth until you take a trip back to the Neuromod Division at a later point in the story. Once you're back, head to the lobby and check Divya Naaz's corpse.

Power Plant

  • Parts Storage: Forget about getting this code until you've picked up Duncan Krassikoff's recorder. Once it's in your possession, play the recording marked Keycode Change: Parts Storage.
  • Reactor Room: Saunter on up to the keypad and enter the digits 3845.


  • Armory: There are two ways to enter the armory. The first way is to stroll up to the keypad and punch in 8714. If you're following a certain story path, however, you can learn the code by choosing to save Aaron Ingram.

Talos I Exterior

  • Machine Shop Supply Closet: Make sure you don't confuse this supply closet with the one in the hardware labs. To breach this particular area, you'll first need to get hold of the TranScribe Unit belonging to Dr. Calvino. Once you've got it, play the recording titled First Thing Tomorrow and keep your eyes open for the code.

Talos I Lobby

  • Holding Room: Enter 1129 to gain access to the holding room and plunder it for goodies.
  • IT Department: What surprises were the computer geeks holding? Use code 0913 on the pad near the door to find out.
  • Morgan Yu's Office: Punch 0451 into the keypad.
  • Pilot's Lounge: You'll have to poke around for this code as well. Go into the staff lounge and find a digital recorder—known in Prey as a TranScribe—belonging to Octavia Figgs. Play the voice message named This Isn't a Drill and listen for the code.
  • Volunteer Quarters: This code is procedurally generated. Once inside the executive offices, hunt around until you find Bianca Goodwin's computer. Sift through her inbox until you find a message labeled Volunteer Attitude. Read through until you find the passcode.

Locked doors are only one obstacle standing between you and valuable items. Our growing collection of Prey guides helps in locating safe passcodes and divulges keycodes to unlock doors.

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