Where to Find All of Prey's Workstation Passwords

If an employee of Talos I has a code for their computer, we tell you where to find it.


You've dodged the Typhons and have a second to breathe. You find a computer terminal. Do you know the password? If not, then you need to find it to get the sensitive information hidden away on Talos I. You won't find the exact password here, as Arkane has seen fit to make them randomly generated, which means they will change every time you play. But finding that sensitive information is key, so check out the following guide on where to locate all those pesky little passwords.

Note that these are not in any particular order, so just cross-reference it with wherever you are in the game.


Julien Howard’s Computer: Yes, you need to hunt for another body, this one belonging to poor Iris Stein. Near her will be a note with the password.

Cargo Area

Gus Magill’s Computer: In the Shipping and Receiving area, grab the phone near Gus's desk and look under it. Yep, he hid it on a note there. 

Crew Area

Abigail Foy’s Computer: In the Crew Quarters for the Talos I facility, find Abigail's room. Then look for a note under her desk. 

Deep Storage

Ivy Song’s Computer: Here is a slight bit of misdirection as Zachary West’s desk in the Corporate Information Technology area holds a note with Ivy's password. Read it thoroughly as it also holds the keycode for the stairs.

Hardware Area

Small Scale Testing Workstation: In the labs, there will be a clipboard on the floor near the computer. Conveniently, the password is on a note attached to the clipboard.

Life Support Area

Price Broadway’s Computer: In the Water Treatment Facility, you'll find a note inside a crate near Price's workstation. The password is on a note in the crate.

The Lobby

Jason Chang’s Computer: This workstation is in the Executive Offices in the Talos I Lobby. Finding the password is simple enough, as it is attached to the computer.

Neuromod Area

Marco Simmons’ Workstation: His computer is in the Simulation Debriefing room. Just search around the desk for a note to get the code.

Security Station: Divy Naaz never saw death coming. Next to the body, you'll find a note divulging password. The good news is that the keycode for the security booth itself is also on the note.

Be sure to check out our Prey guides on where to find all the safe codes and room keycodes to make yourself a master of security access.

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