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How to Find all the Nomes in Little Nightmares

A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down, but hugging a Nome in Little Nightmares is just as potent.


Nomes in Little Nightmares can be a nightmare to catch. They're tiny, they're fast, and they run the moment you spot them. With a little bit of patience and a tad more planning, you can snatch them up and claim your reward: a hug from one of the little buggers.

If the idea of a hug doesn't melt your stony heart, the fact that Nomes are collectibles, and every one must be found and cuddled in order to count toward your completion rate, might move you. Our guide tells you where Nomes are found and how to catch each one.

The Prison

You'll find three Nomes in the Prison area. Start out by heading into the room with a refrigerator standing in the middle. Turn right and you should notice an opening. Enter the room to the right of the opening to find your first Nome.

Proceed to the room with a spotlight. Climb the stack of cages beside it, keeping an eye out for the second Nome in a cage far to the right. (If you climb up to the next floor, you've gone too far.) To reach the Nome, you'll need to take a flying leap toward the ledge. Hold R2 on PS4 or RT on Xbox One to reach out and grab the ledge if you slip. Scurry inside the cage and embrace the Nome in the adjacent room.

Last in the Prison but first in your heart, the third Nome resides a dark corner. Start your search by ascending file cabinets to turn off power, one of your objectives. Cross the room and light the lantern. Within the background you should see a crate. Pop it open and a Nome races out. Chase him into the corner of the adjacent room and give him a hug. You'll both feel better.

The Lair

Like the Prison, the Lair holds three Nomes. To track down the first, head up the first long flight of stairs you see in the starting area. Eventually you'll come to another flight that winds up and to the left. Don't head up just yet: Look to the left to find and snuggle your first Nome.

Your chance to hug Nome #2 occurs when you reach the part of the Lair where you must retrieve a lever and insert it into a pillar. Use the lever to open a hatch in the floor. Descend the hatch and enter the room to your right. Ignore the crates and move toward the background, where you'll discover a ladder. Boxes block the top; push them aside to find a secret passage. Follow the passage until you descend into another room, where the Nome waits for someone to love him/her/it.

The third and final Nome is well hidden. Continue through the level until you pass through a hallway lined with clocks. You'll enter a room filled with books. Move to the right and crawl around until you spook the Nome out of hiding. Now move left until you see a Nome trapped by a stack of books. Give him a hug to set him at ease.

The Kitchen

What's cookin'? Nomes—figuratively speaking. Play through the level until you find a key. Backtrack to the bathroom and nose around in the far right of the room to find a Nome hanging out near a couple of toilets. Make like the Charmin bear and give him a hug.

With the key in hand, proceed to the elevator. You'll get a chance to head right and unlock a door, but hold off on that for a minute. Go left, which leads to a pantry. Pick up the brown jar on the floor and break it to reveal another Nome.

Ever wonder how the sausage was made? You'll find out when you enter the room with a sausage maker on a table, but the real item of interest is under the table—a Nome.

The Guest Area

Make yourself at home by taking a left at the starting area instead of a right. You'll discover a secret room where the Guest Area's first Nome resides.

To spread cheer and goodwill to the second Nome in the Guest Area, make your way to the room where you sprint across a bar. Before you take off running, take a gander to your right, where a stool sits up against the wall. Scoot the stool to a left and you'll find a hole. Crawl through it to find a Nome.

You have to shatter a mirror in this level. That means seven years bad luck, but look on the bright side: you'll find a Nome. Break the mirror, then ride the pipe to an elevator. Ride the elevator until you get to the next floor. Step out and head left. Sneak into the first guest room and throw your arms around the Nome preparing to wake up a sleeping guest.

Even videogame heroes have to eat. When you feel pangs of hunger, just keep walking: you'll come to a Nome who hands you sausage. Thank him for the kind offer of grease and saturated fat by giving him a hug. 

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