Quake Champions: How to Unlock Champions

Is your Ranger lonely? Learn how to unlock additional champions to frag alongside him in Quake Champions.


Every Quake Champions player starts out with Ranger, the lead character from the original Quake. Although Ranger is perhaps the most well-balanced champion, each character boasts a unique ability and varying levels of health, armor, and speed.

You can rent or buy champions to add them to your lineup. This guide explains the pros and cons to both approaches.

Renting Vs. Buying Champions

Renting a champion permits you to use that character for up to 24 real-time hours. After the rental period expires, you won't have access to them unless you rent them again or take the plunge and buy them.

Renting champions costs Favor. You earn Favor by completing daily challenges—listed on the right-hand side of the main menu—and by doing well in matches. Champions cost around 5,000 Favor to rent.

Purchasing a champion adds that character to your roster permanently. However, purchasing a champion costs Platinum, a real-money currency. To keep from wasting your money, always rent a champion before buying. One champion's movement speed and special ability might click with you, while another champion's might not.

How to Unlock Champions

Once you've amassed Favor, or if you feel ready to buy Platinum currency with real money, go to the main menu and click the treasure chest icon in the top-left corner to browse the Quake Champions store.

Champions, the first tab in the game's storefront, provides a snapshot of each champion. Click on a champion to see their maximum health and other stats. Each snapshot lists two prices, one in Favor and the other in Platinum. To rent a champion, click the Favor button and confirm that you want to rent. A 24-hour timer will appear over that champion's portrait. The timer counts down in real-time whether you're playing or not, so you might want to wait until you've got lots of time to play before renting a champion.

Purchase a champion by clicking the Platinum currency. If you don't have any Platinum, Quake Champions will whisk you to another store screen where you can buy some. Back at the champions storefront, confirm that you wish to purchase a champion. When the transaction is complete, you'll have permanent access to your newly acquired character.

Now that you've filled out your champions, read up on all the weapons in Quake Champions, find out how to buy and redeem loot boxes to add armor and color shaders to your customization options, or check out our guide for tips and strategies.

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