Infinite Warfare: Shaolin Shuffle - Unlock Pack-A-Punch Parts

Once you turn on the power in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's Shaolin Shuffle zombie map, you need to pack a punch.


Shaolin Shuffle is a zombie map for a Call of Duty game—Infinite Warfare, specifically—which means two things: you start the level by turning on power, and then you unlock a Pack-a-Punch machine. This one's trickier to access than most. Before you can reap its rewards, you must seek out and recover a few secret items. Fortunately you can undertake this quest on your own or in a team.

Getting Started

The key to the Pack-a-Punch machine is located in the Pink Cat Strip Club. Before you go knocking down doors and searching for keys, make sure you've supplied power to all quadrants of the map. Turning on power requires you to throw four switches. Our guide to turning on power in Shaolin Shuffle will help you through that part of the quest. Once you've got the juice flowing like water, you can proceed to the next step.

Find Three Items

You'll need three hidden items to activate the Pack-a-Punch machine in Shaolin Shuffle. Those items are a Film Reel, a flyer for the Pink Cat Strip Club, and a Strip Club Token. You can find the items in any order, so consult our guide to find out which one you happen to be closest to and make it first on your list.

Film Reel

  • There are film reels scattered throughout Shaolin Shuffle. You can find one in the following locations:
  • Go outside the Inferno Room and into the nearby tunnel. At the end of the passage, there's a film reel set on a wooden crate.
  • Head inside the Inferno Room Lounge and toss the leather sofas on the other side of the catwalk.
  • Make your way to the Big Bang perks machine and ascend the stairs across from it. The Film Reel sits on a mountain of papers and boxes against one wall.
  • Enter the Rat King's lair and look in the sewer pipes jutting from the walls.

Flyer for the Pink Cat Strip Club

You need one flyer to complete your mission. Fortunately, Shaolin Shuffle has four.

  • Check the sidewalk outside the Pink Cat Strip Club.
  • Follow the alley outside Black Cat Dojo and grab the flyer from atop an oil drum.
  • Enter the Inferno Room Lounge and go up to the roof. You'll find a flyer on a small table beside the Quickies per machine.
  • Make your way up to the rooftop adjacent to Racing Strip. You'll spot what you're looking for on a folding chair beside a heap of pallets.

Strip Club Token

Unlike the previous two items, only one Strip Club Token exists. Go into the Underground and look underneath the Tuff 'Nuff perks machine.

Enter the Strip Club

Now that you've gathered all the necessary ingredients to cook your Pack-a-Punch dish, go to the strip club and use the flyer to open the front doors. Go to the private rooms and find a door to the left; redeem the token to gain access. Inside the room is a projector. Use the film reel you gathered and watch in amazement as it paints a portal over one wall. Step through the portal and make use of the Pack-a-Punch machine therein.

Now that you're swimming in parts, why not read our guide to learn how to trade in your guns for kung fu moves? Ch-Ch-Ch-Chi Power!

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