How to Start Ghost Recon Wildlands' Narco Road DLC

Players who bought a season pass for Ghost Recon Wildlands can enter the Narco Road expansion, provided they know where to look.


Earlier today Ubisoft opened access to Narco Road, a DLC expansion for Ghost Recon Wildlands. Getting started is easier said than done, however. The option to play Narco Road is buried in menus rather than in Wildlands' undergrowth.

When to Access the Narco Road DLC

The Narco Road expansion pack for Ghost Recon Wildlands technically has two release dates. It launched today, April 18, for players who bought the game's season pass. If you haven't purchased a season pass, you'll have to wait a week until April 25 to head in. 

If you haven't already, consider shelling out the $40 for Ghost Recon's season pass. It gives you access to two expansions, of which Narco Road is one, plus a 4v4 PVP mode. Most of the content in the expansion will be put up for sale individually, but getting the season pass saves you a few bucks. Ghost Recon fans shouldn't think twice about taking the plunge. It's content they'll end up playing anyway, and they'll be able to do so for less than users who buy it piecemeal.

How to Start Narco Road DLC

You won't find Narco Road's content within the game world. Instead you have to let Ghost Recon Wildlands know you're ready for the expansion by accessing it from the game's menus. When you're ready to dig in, fire up Ghost Recon and proceed to the main menu. Look for an option marked "Continue Campaign." Select it, then choose "Campaign Save." The "Narco Road DLC" option should pop up.

Sticking DLC in a menu option may seem unintuitive, but finding it this way is quite a bit easier than wandering around Ghost Recon's massive world and looking for a way into new areas. 

What to Do After Finishing Narco Road DLC

Narco Road is only one DLC expansion that Ubisoft has planned for Ghost Recon Wildlands. Owning the season pass puts you on the game's fast track: anytime a DLC drops, you'll gain access approximately one week before those players who do not own a season pass. Early access, on top of the surfeit of expansions and other goodies included in the season pass, makes it more than worth the price of admission.

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