Mass Effect Andromeda: How to Earn and Use AVP

Learn how to make Ryder more viable with Mass Effect Andromeda's Andromeda Viability Points.


Mass Effect Andromeda measures your progress in several ways. Besides your Ryder's character level and skills, AVP—short for Andromeda Viability Points—act as a progress bar showing how many planets you have colonized. The better your colonies fare, the higher your AVP rises, culminating in a special ceremony at the end of the game to acknowledge your efforts.

This guide will explain AVP in detail, including how to earn them and how to help your colonies prosper.

What is AVP?

Andromeda Viability Points measure your aptitude in colonizing planets. There are five planets, and settling each one is determined solely by the choices your Ryder pathfinder makes in game. That is to say, Mass Effect Andromeda offers no guarantee that you will colonize every planet and achieve maximum AVP. Colonization, and how well those planets fare, falls on you.

To check your AVP, bring up the main menu and look in the upper-right corner. AVP increases separately from experience points. Furthermore, higher AVP levels benefit your Nexus level, and improving your Nexus unlocks new areas of the station for you to explore. More detailed AVP information can be found by pausing the game and pulling up a more granular menu.

How Does AVP Benefit Planets?

You can monitor the viability of an specific planet by opening the Galaxy Map and selecting a planet to view its Viability Rating. Raising your AVP boots the Viability Rating of all planets, and higher ratings lead to higher populations and opportunities for activities such as quests.

How Do I Earn More AVP?

Your goal should be to get colonized planets to 100% viability by meeting objectives and completing missions, detailed below. Getting 100% viability on all planets does not require you to finish every quest; in fact, you'll have plenty of extra missions leftover after hitting max rating. You can do them if you want, or let your planets set at 100% ratings.

Certain missions go further toward ratings than others.

  • Drop Forward Station: +2% per station.
  • Undertake Side Quests: +2-5% per quest.
  • Complete Priority Ops: +5-10%.
  • Defeat Architect or Clear Enemy Base: +10%.
  • Complete Main Quest on a Planet: +10-20%.
  • Establish an Outpost: +20%.
  • Explore and Activate Remnant Vault: +40%.

Now that you understand AVP, head over to our Mass Effect Andromeda guide to learn about other game systems such as romancing characters, as well as tips, strategies, and walkthroughs. 

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