Mass Effect Andromeda: How to Change and Customize Armor

Whether you want to equip better gear or your Ryder smells a tad ripe, our guide will help you acquire and change into armor in Mass Effect Andromeda.


Diverse skills and blasters set to kill are a powerful combination, but good defense is just as critical as a good offense in Mass Effect Andromeda. A good set of armor not only bolsters your defensive capabilities, but can look fashionable as well. This guide will help you suit up Scott and Sara Ryder, and instruct you on ways to customize and choose armor based on where your missions take you.

Creating New Armor

Your spaceship, the Tempest, plays host to all sorts of powerful tools and equipment. One of those is the Research and Development area, where you can forge myriad types of armor. Head to the Tempest's research room to begin the R&D phase.

Here, Data Points act as a currency. You need the proper amount of Data Points to research armor and other items if you want to create them. Acquire points by scanning objects. The more scanning you do, the more points you earn. Once you've got the requisite amount, research it in the research area, then head over to the development section to forge your new set of armor.

Equipping Armor

With your armor fresh off the assembly line, you can equip it via the Loadout Menu. Open the Loadout Menu by leaving the Tempest and setting foot on the surface of a planet. That the menu appears at this juncture is the game's way of telling you to prepare yourself for the environment ahead. The Loadout Menu serves numerous functions. You can equip or unequip weapons, pack consumables for your opening excursion, and change in and out of armor.

If you're not ready to depart the Tempest, there's another, simpler way to check out your armor. Go to the bridge of your ship and hang a left. You'll enter a tiny room where you can access loadout options similar to the menu. Go through weapons, armor, and other items at your leisure.

Customizing Armor

One size fits any Ryder, but you can change the color of any outfit to suit your tastes. Make your way into the Pathfinder's Quarters, approach the wardrobe, and interact with it to activate the Wardrobe Menu. Take your time tailoring the color of outfit. When you're ready to model it, equip it by pressing X on PlayStation 4, or A if you're playing on Xbox One or PC.

Now that you've personalized your duds, read our guides on romancing characters, or peruse our general guides for strategies as well as info on re-specing, scanning planets, and more.

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