Mass Effect Andromeda: How to Romance Keri T'Vessa

Courting Keri requires no loyalty—of the mission or monogamous variety.


While many love interests in Mass Effect Andromeda are exclusive to either Scott or Sara Ryder, Keri T'Vessa is down to party with either. Better yet, she comes with no strings attached. You can carry on a fling with her even if you're tied to another romance that demands exclusivity, and she can be courted without completing Loyalty Missions first.

How to Romance Keri T'Vessa

Keri T'Vessa is an asari journalist—known as a vidmaker in Mass Effect Andromeda parlance—interested in interviewing you about your exploits and topical events in the galaxy. You can meet her after beginning the mission Path of a Hero, a line of missions that culminates with Keri joining Ryder's romantic lineup.

Begin by talking to Director Tann and then to Addison. You should receive an email directing you to Keri. She camps out in the Common Area of the Nexus. Talk to her and flirt whenever the option arises.

You'll get more opportunities to talk with Keri after finishing two priority ops: A Better Beginning, and A Trail of Hope. Talk to her in the Common Area after completing a mission continue flirting. The final step involves checking off one more priority op, titled The Journey to Meridian. Go to her, flirt, and select the option to take things further. Keri has no problems hooking up with Ryder on the side, so don't let being in a committed relationship stand in your way.

Finding (More) Love in Mass Effect Andromeda

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