Mass Effect Andromeda: How to Romance Suvi

Suvi has degrees in molecular biology and astrophysics, but our guide will help you turn her on to human anatomy.


Of Mass Effect Andromeda's many romanceable characters, Suvi is one of the most susceptible to Ryder's charms. The catch is that she'll only respond to Sara Ryder, the female twin. If you chose to walk in Scott's space boots, you'll need to look elsewhere for love.

How to Romance Suvi

Assuming you're playing as Fem Ryder, begin Suvi's romance quest line, head onto your ship, the Tempest, and take a walk along the bridge. You should see Suvi hanging out near the galaxy map. Chat with her and choose "I could show you," a flirtatious option.

Suvi's interested, but only just getting warmed up. You'll get to turn up the heat after colonizing Prodromos, the first colony in need of Ryder's help on Eos. Board the Tempest and return to the bridge, where you'll find Suvi waiting. When the dialogue option "We should chat on this more" comes up, select it.

You'll have to take an interlude from romancing Suvi to complete the mission titled A Trail of Hope. As always, go back to the Tempest's bridge a third time. Talk to Suvi and say "You're not alone" when the option becomes available.

At this point, you're close to sealing the deal. Embark on the mission Hunting the Archon and make your way back to Suvi, who's in her usual spot. You will be able to commit to Suvi, but locking down her heart bars you from wooing anyone else. Seal the deal by completing the mission The Journey to Meridian, then reading an email from Suvi. You will only receive this email if you agreed to see her exclusively.

Once you're done reading Suvi's email, enter the Nexus and make trails to the Tech Lab. Suvi is waiting for you there. Interact with her and follow the prompts to initiate the romance scene.

Just because you and Suvi are "going steady," as the kids back on earth used to say, doesn't mean you have to take yourself off the market for a fling. Check out the rest of our Mass Effect Andromeda romance guides to get other characters swooning, and visit our guide hub for more tips, strategies, and walkthroughs.

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