Mass Effect Andromeda: How to Respec Your Character

Did you zig on your skill tree when you meant to zag? Our guide will help you respec your character in Mass Effect Andromeda.


Skills are tools in Mass Effect Andromeda. No matter the enemy, no matter the puzzle, no matter the obstacle in your path, tools will get the job done—if, that is, you have the right ones for the job. Whether you regret an earlier choice of skills or you simply want to approach the game's combat and story scenarios from another angle, this guide will teach you all about re-specing your character and how re-speccing affects your progress.

How to Re-Spec in Mass Effect Andromeda

Re-specing doesn't become an option until after you've completed Habitat 7 and arrived at the Nexus. There, you will receive the Tempest ship to transport your crew of companions around the galaxy. To re-spec, board the Tempest and proceed to the elevator. Take a ride to the Cargo Bay and make your way to the Med Bay.

An NPC named Lexi inhabits the Med Bay, operating the ship's medical equipment. Nearby you should notice a monitor depicting a human skeleton. That's the Re-spec Station, your one-stop shop for retooling your characters.

How to Use the Re-Spec Station

Interact with the console on the left side of the Re-spec Station to call up a window. Confirm that you want to re-spec, and then choose a character. Upon making your selection, any skill points you spent on that character will be reset. Reallocate them as you see fit, or bank a few if you want to save up for a skill that doesn't unlock until later.

Keep in mind that re-specing is not free. Your first visit to the station comes to 20 credits, a discounted price. Every subsequent re-spec costs more. Don't sweat the expense; once you get into the swing of completing missions, you'll be swimming in credits, giving you the freedom to re-spec whenever you're in need of a change of pace.

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