Mass Effect Andromeda - How to Romance Avela Kjar

We show you how to seduce your Angaran squadmate.


If you chose to play as the male Ryder twin in Mass Effect Andromeda, one of several potential romantic interests is Avela Kjar, an Angaran historian that you will encounter during your journey. Players can start to establish their relationship with Avela once they initially arrive at Aya and meet Evfra. After this has been done, Avela will be down at the docks, with multiple quests to offer the player. Completing these different quests will help to fulfill different aspects of your relationship.

Romancing Avela Kjar

Make sure you choose the “To meet people like you” dialogue option when speaking to Avela at the docks, as this will be your first opportunity to build the relationship.

The next chance to trigger a relationship is during the Recovering the Past mission. Go to the museum on Aya, and here you will find Avela. You'll need to talk to her in order to continue the process of romancing her.

The third chance to prompt a relationship comes during the Forgotten History mission. Make your way back to the museum and talk to Avela. While speaking with her, choose ALL of these conversation options to continue romancing her.

  • “I did it for you.”
  • “You got it”
  • (After returning the instrument) “Not everything, thanks to you.”
  • (After returning the figurine) “Hope it helps my chances”

Not choosing these options will result in you failing to meet the conditions needed to form a relationship.

Finally, once the mission The Journey to Meridian has been completed, the last opportunity to trigger a relationship with Avela will become available. Check your email and you should’ve received a message from Avela, after reading it head to Aya and go to the waterfall. You will find Avela waiting in front of it. Talk to her and choose the option to go in for a kiss. Congratulations! You’ve romanced it up with Avela Kjar!

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