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Mass Effect Andromeda brings humanity to a brand-new galaxy filled with wonder and danger. Bioware's latest title in the Mass Effect franchise has you in the shoes of a Pathfinder, trying to find planets for the Andromeda Initiative to colonize. Our Mass Effect Andromeda guide is where you can find all our walkthroughs, guides, and helpful lists that will help your in your journey to make Andromeda your new home.

Tips for Mass Effect Andromeda

  • Talk to everyone you meet. A ton of plot and side missions are revealed simply by making sure you take the time to communicate with the citizens of Andromeda.
  • Using your scanner is essential if you want to research new items. Each time you scan a new object, you'll get research points in one of the three categories of items. By making sure you scan as much as possible, you can research Milky Way, Kett, and Remnant blueprints as soon as you get them.
  • Although you'll pick up your fair share of armor, weapons, mods, and other beneficial items along your journey, some of the best items in the game come from research and development. Make sure to scan for minerals using the Nomad and check your R&D station often to see what new things you can develop. You can also scrap unwanted items to receive some of their components back. Sometimes this is a better move than just selling them to a vendor.
  • There are some interesting weapons in Mass Effect Andromeda, and you'll need to experiment with them to find the one that's right for you. You may want an assault rifle that can shoot grenades or a sniper rifle that shoots a continuous plasma beam, but until you try it in the field, you can't be sure it's for you.
  • When you're stumped by a puzzle, just remember that the solution is most likely right by you. Using your scanner is key to solving most problems, and if you see a glowing yellow line, you can be sure that following it will help you find the answer.

Mass Effect Andromeda Guides

These guides will show you how to make the most of your Mass Effect Andromeda experience.

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How to Romance your Favorite NPCs

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We walk you through the various romance options, so you can seduce some alien crewmates in style: Avela Kjar, and more to come.

Mass Effect Andromeda Lists

Below you can find lists and tables of the various items, weapons, and armor that you can find in Mass Effect Andromeda.

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