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New Counter-Strike Tool Lets You Practice Like A Pro (Sponsored)

IMG's Boomeo website also offers free esports content.


If you've ever watched Counter-Strike: Global Offensive played competitively and wished you could rattle off one-taps and throw perfect nades like the pros, check out this new tool that might help you do just that.

Boomeo features various modules that simulate common scenarios in the game and let you plug away at them. There's Duels, for example, which uses matchmaking to throw you into a rotating series of one-on-one situations in common duelling hotspots. Other modules will follow, allowing you to practice retakes and other important stuff.

The Boomeo scenarios have been developed in conjunction with top pros like Spencer "Hiko" Martin and Eric "Adren" Hoag, and Boomeo has also collaborated with Cloud9, compLexity, Counter-Logic Gaming, G2 Esports and SK Gaming to get the feel right. It certainly beats relying on Deathmatch, which rarely resembles the situations you see in proper 5v5 matchmaking.

Boomeo has been set up by IMG and offers a mixture of free and premium content. Duels, Retakes and Deathmatch are free, as is a ton of news, feature and guide content on Boomeo's website. Deeper content including in-depth statistical breakdowns and leaderboards, as well as additional training tools, are set to follow and some of that will require a subscription.

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