Ghost Recon Wildlands: How to Access The Peruvian Connection DLC

We show you how to access the pre-order bonus mission, The Peruvian Connection, in Ghost Recon Wildlands.


The Peruvian Connection DLC is a bonus mission in Ghost Recon Wildlands that came with pre-ordered copies of the game. Unfortunately, the way Ubisoft handled accessing The Peruvian Connection differs from system to system. Additionally, although the DLC mission was supposed to be available at launch, many players didn't receive the code to download it until recently. Below we'll tell you how to redeem your Ghost Recon Wildlands The Peruvian Connection DLC code and how to find the mission in-game.

How to Redeem The Peruvian Connection DLC Code on PC

Oddly enough, there is no The Peruvian Connection DLC code needed on the PC version of Ghost Recon Wildlands. Instead, if you pre-ordered the game, you should receive an email (if you haven't already) that the mission is available to play. If you haven't received the email yet, you may want to contact Ubisoft Support for further instructions.

How to Redeem The Peruvian Connection DLC Code on PlayStation 4

If you're entitled to the pre-order bonus code for Ghost Recon Wildlands on PlayStation 4, you should have already received your code through email from Ubisoft. Once you have your code, you can redeem it on PlayStation Network through the following steps.

  • From the PlayStation 4 home screen go to the PlayStation Store icon and select it.
  • Once the store loads scroll down to the bottom and select "Redeem Code."
  • When the prompt appears, enter the code that you received from Ubisoft. The format should be "xxxx-xxxx-xxxx."
  • After the code is accepted, make sure to hit "Download" in the following screen.
  • You'll receive a notification when your The Peruvian Connection download is complete and installed.
  • Follow the steps below to access the DLC content in-game.

How to Redeem the Peruvian Connection DLC Code on Xbox One

If you pre-ordered Ghost Recon Wildlands on Xbox One, you should have received a code from Ubisoft via email to unlock The Peruvian Connection DLC. Once you have the 25-digit code, follow the instructions below to redeem the code on Xbox Live.

  • Log-in as the profile you with which you want the DLC to be associated.
  • From the home screen slide over to the Store screen.
  • You should see an option that allows you to redeem a code.
  • Enter the 25-digit code into the prompt, the format should be "xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx."
  • Select "Download" when the code is accepted, and once the DLC is installed, you'll receive a notification.
  • See the steps below to find The Peruvian Connection mission in Ghost Recon Wildlands.

How to Find The Peruvian Connection Mission in Ghost Recon Wildlands

Once you've redeemed the DLC code for The Peruvian Connection, you can launch Ghost Recon Wildlands and head into the game. To find The Peruvian Connection missions you need to head to Inca Camina province which is under the jurisdiction of the Santa Blanca boss La Cabra. Once you enter this area, The Peruvian Connection mission should be marked on your map.

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