Horizon Zero Dawn - Expand Inventory Slots

How to carry more resources, ammo, outfits, and more in Horizon Zero Dawn


Horizon Zero Dawn's open world is bursting with collectible resources, scrap, and crafting materials. You can pick them up while wandering around nature, hunting animals, and taking down machines. Those resources can then be used to craft upgrades, which increases the capacity of almost everything you can hold. This article will explain how to increase those various types of inventory space.

Carry Capacity and Ammo Type Basics

If you're ready to increase your inventory spots, open the menu using the touchpad. Use the shoulder buttons to center on the Crating tab, and then find Carry Capacity in the sub-menu. More capacity options will open up as you locate more weapon and item types, including Traps and Potions. Most of these are self-explanatory: the Weapons Satchel carries weapons, the Outfits Satchel carries outfits, etc. Specialized weapons carry specific ammo types, which are described below.

  • Hunter Bow Quiver - ammo capacity for the Hunter Bow types (Hardpoin, Hunter, and Fire arrows)
  • Sharpshot Bow Quiver - ammo capacity for Sharpshow Bow types (Tearblast, Precision, and Harvest arrows)
  • War Bow Quiver - ammo for elemental War Bow types (Fire, Shock, and Freeze arrows)
  • Sling Ammo Pouch - ammo for Sling Bow types
  • Blast Sling Ammo Pouch - ammo for Blast Sling types
  • Rattler Ammo Pouch - ammo for Bolt Packs in Rattler types
  • Tripcaster Ammo Pouch - ammo for Tripcaster type traps (Fire, Blast, and Shock)
  • Ropecaster Ammo Pouch - ammo for Ropecaster types

How to Increase Inventory Space

Carry capacity is handled primarily through collecting parts from animals and machines. Like most loot, these drops are sorted by rarity: gray for Uncommon, Green for Rare, and Blue for Super Rare. The higher tiers of upgrades will require higher-quality materials, which means you may need to hunt several Boars before finding a Boar Skin, for example. The same applies to Machines, with higher-quality materials like machine hearts being rarer than lower-quality ones like lenses.

It can be time-consuming to hunt down the proper materials, but Horizon Zero Dawn provides an ingame tool to make it easier. You can set an Errand by pressing Square on the item you wish to upgrade, and it will mark the needed materials as a checklist on your UI. If you need machine parts, it will guide you toward a known area with those machines. If you only need animal parts, they are not marked with a waypoint, but look for a spot of wilderness. Every animal species in Horizon frequents the forests, so going there and scanning the area will eventually pull up the ones you need.

Upgrading your carry capacity is crucial in Horizon Zero Dawn. During tougher battles, you'll be glad you have plenty of ammo to take down machines without pausing to craft more materials, or even needing to choose which ones to bring along. Check out our Horizon Zero Dawn guide for more.

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