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Overwatch Gives An Official Tease to Its Next Hero (Update)

It could be an 11-year-old girl, or something that young girl might build.


Update: Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan has confirmed that Efi will be a significant part of the next hero's story, with more details coming "over the next week."

Original Story: Hot on the heels of Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan throwing a wet blanket on the idea of Doomfist as the next hero, the official game site has released a tease into who or what the next addition to the roster could be.

A faux interview with 11-year-old Efi Oladele of Numbani reveals that the young lady is a genius when it comes to robotics and artificial intelligence. She just won a "genius grant" from the Adawe Foundation and the interview drops a few obscure hints as to what Blizzard my be planning. Efi is adept at building drones to do work for her, and her dream "is to build something that can keep us safe, like the new OR15s." She adds that she has "an idea" of what she want to do next, but is going on vacation first.

So, to recap, Efi could be the new hero with smart drones and robots to assist her, or she could be the inventor of a new robot that serves as a boon to humanity or turns against us all. Or it could be some combination of the two. The first and last option are rather unlikely given her age and the potential fallout of "Blizzard is killing kids," so the bet is on an Omnic hero or villain when the announcement finally hits. 

Either way, the speculation has begun, and Doomfist is on the back burner–for now.

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