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Overwatch Season 3 Rewards and End Date

Overwatch competitive Season 3 is coming to a close, here's the Season 3 rewards, the date Overwatch Season 3 will end, and the date Overwatch Season 4 will start.


Overwatch's competitive Season 3 is almost over, and it's about time to reap the rewards of your hard work. Season 3 started on December 1, and if you completed your ten placement matches and earned a position on the Season 3 ladder, you'll be entitled to some rewards. Below we'll show you what the Overwatch Season 3 rewards are and when Season 3 will end and Season 4 will start.

Overwatch Season 3 Rewards

As stated above, as long as you've completed the required placement matches and placed on the season 3 ladder you'll receive some competitive points. The big reward you can receive for competitive points are golden weapons skins, which cost 3000 competitive points apiece. Competitive points carry over from each season, so if you haven't been able to unlock a golden weapon skin yet, you may be in luck at the end of Season 3. You can also receive Season 3-themed player icons and sprays, but the big draw for competitive play remains to be CP points.

How many competitive points you receive at the end of Overwatch Season 3 depends on what rank you placed at during the season.

Overwatch Season 3 Ranks and CP Rewards

  • Bronze (1-1499 points) - 100 CP
  • Silver (1500-1999 points) - 200 CP
  • Gold (2000-2499 points) - 400 CP
  • Platinum (2500-2999 points) - 800 CP
  • Diamond (3000-3499 points) - 1200 CP
  • Master (3500-3999 points) - 2000 CP
  • Grandmaster (4000-5000 points) - 3000 CP

You can only earn up to 6000 CP, so if you're trying to hoard it, you're out of luck. The top 500 players on the Season 3 competitive ladder will receive another extra treat. They'll be invited to the unofficial professional team Overwatch Discord channel where they can interact with some of the best Overwatch players in the world and maybe even get signed to a team.

Overwatch Season 3 End Date

Blizzard has announced that Overwatch Season 3 will come to a close on February 21. At that point, players will receive their CP, spray, and player icon rewards.

Overwatch Season 4 Start Date

After Season 3 ends, there will be a one week break and Overwatch Season 4 competitive play will begin on February 28. The rules and rewards will be much the same as they were for Season 3, and there will more than likely be the same type of rewards offered.

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