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For Honor - Lawbringer Moveset and Feats

In our For Honor Lawbringer guide, we'll tell you the Lawbringer moveset and the most efficient way to fight.


In For Honor, Lawbringers are the judges of Ashfeld. Lawbringers enforce the laws of the land and deal out any punishment for those that break them. They have an advanced and difficulty to master moveset. However, if you can learn how to play them effectively, they can be almost unequaled in Dominion mode, and very difficult to defeat 1v1. This Lawbringer guide will show you the extent of the Lawbringer's moveset and show you the best combos and how to use the Lawbringer's feats.

Lawbringer Weapons and Armor

The Lawbringer wears full plate and therefore can withstand a pounding. However, this heavy armor also slows them down a lot. Their primary weapon is the Poleaxe. The poleaxe is a devastating, but hard-to-use weapon that works best at long-mid range. The slow attack speed of the poleaxe is somewhat compensated for by the Lawbringer's ability to launch strong counter attacks.

Lawbringer Revenge Mode

The Lawbringer's Revenge Mode boosts damage and health. Additionally, all attacks become uninterruptable. You can also knock enemies down with your throws and parries, and attacks are auto-parried.

Lawbringer Moveset and Combos

Coming soon.

Lawbringer Feats

Tier 1

Conqueror - Passive Feat - Level 1: The Lawbringer can capture control zones more quickly, and the boost from capturing zones lasts longer.

Harsh Judgement - Level 5: This feat reduces the stamina of a target for a short period.

Body Count - Passive Feat - Level 13: Killing enemy A.I. controlled soldiers restores a Lawbringer's stamina and health.

Tier 2

Righteous Deflection - Passive Feat - Level 1: Each successful Parry allows the Lawbringer to get a high damage reduction boost for a short period.

Flat Lux - Level 7: With this feat, the Lawbringer throws a flash grenade-like object which can blind foes for a short time.

Juggernaut - Level 15: This feat slows the Lawbringer down considerably, but in return, you gain high damage reduction.

Tier 3

Protected Revive - Passive Feat - Level 1: When an ally attempts to revive you they're protected from harm and are slightly healed upon a successful revive.

Pungo Mortis - Level 9: This feat allows you to throw a small explosive that deals a severe amount of damage over a small area.

Second Wind - Level 17: This feat will help you recover an average amount of health.

Tier 4

Igneus Imber - Level 1: You throw many explosives that deal severe damage over a small area.

Catapult - Level 11: You can call in a catapult strike to deal impressive damage over a medium-sized area.

Regenerate - Passive Feat - Level 19: When not in combat you will automatically regenerate health.

Lawbringer Tips For 1v1 Duels

The Lawbringer has high power at mid-long range. When fighting 1v1 keep back and use the Judge, Jury, and Executioner combo whenever you have a chance. Be ready to counter-attack when the enemy moves in close.

Lawbringer Tips for 2v2 and 4v4 Brawls

The Lawbringer works great as a support hero if you can team up with your ally for a 2v1 fight. If you're forced into 1v1 combat use the same tactics, you would utilize in a 1v1 Duel, but be ready to disengage if multiple heroes gang up on you. The Lawbringer's slow attack speed makes 1v2 fights tough, and if the opposing heroes are speedsters then you may be out of luck.

Lawbringer Tips for Dominion

The Lawbringer makes a great support hero in For Honor's Dominion Mode. Stick with an ally hero and keep enemy soldiers off their backs. Additionally, a great role for a Lawbringer is to watch a more offensively oriented hero's back while the play the role of primary attacker.

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