Sniper Elite 4 - How to Snipe at Any Difficulty

How Sniper Elite 4's ballistics model works changes with difficulty level, and we'll show you how to be the best sniper whether you're playing on Easy or Hardcore.


How Sniper Elite 4's ballistics model works changes with difficulty level, and we'll show you how to be the best sniper whether you're playing on Easy or Hardcore.

Sniper Elite 4's ballistics model works a lot differently than most shooters. Depending on the difficulty level, Sniper Elite 4 can be one of the most realistic and demanding shooters ever devised. Also, you'll either have too easy or too hard of a time according to the difficulty level you pick. We'll show you how to snipe on each difficulty level, and what the difference is between the four pre-defined difficulty modes.

Sniper Elite 4 Difficulty Modes

Sniper Elite 4 has four predefined difficulty levels in addition to the ability to customize difficulty from a host of different options. You also have the capacity to disable certain options in the menu, such as the aim assist reticle which will also markedly increase the difficulty.

Cadet (Easy) Difficulty

Cadet is Sniper Elite 4's easy mode. If you've never played a shooter before, this is where you need to start. In Cadet mode, the ballistics model is turned off, so bullets travel in a perfectly straight line. Enemies are dumb and slow to react to your intrusions and are just fodder for your to kill as you make your way almost unimpeded through each level.

Tips for Cadet Difficulty

  • You can get through levels easily in Cadet mode so use your experience to prepare you for the harder modes.
  • If you're trying to get all the collectibles, get them in this mode first. Finding them without the challenge of worrying about dying will allow you to perform better later on.

Veteran (Normal) Difficulty

Veteran mode is a good way to get your first taste of the Sniper Elite franchise. If you've never played a Sniper Elite game before, Veteran mode will introduce you to the ballistics model without making the game too frustrating. Bullet drop is active, and you'll have to compensate for distance by dialing in your scope. However, the wind is turned off, and you won't have to worry about muzzle velocity that much. Enemies on Veteran are still somewhat slow to react, but once they do they're much more vicious than the ones in Cadet mode.

Tips for Veteran Difficulty

  • Use the fact that the wind doesn't make your bullets drift over distance to your advantage. Take the longest range shots you can since you only have to deal with bullet drop.
  • Since enemies still react slowly, use the Welrod silenced pistol at close range or melee attacks to take out foes silently whenever possible. Even if enemy soldiers see you, you have time to carefully aim your pistol at their head and fire or pull off a melee before they go into full alert mode.

Sniper Elite (Hard) Difficulty

Sniper Elite is the way the game is meant to be played. You'll have to deal with the full ballistics model, with wind and bullet drop being at their maximum levels. This is the first mode where your sniper rifle selection becomes imperative. The higher muzzle velocity of the Springfield and Mosin-Nagant help to prevent the wind and gravitational interference at the cost of less stability and greater recoil. Enemies are quick to react and will hunt you ferociously on Sniper Elite mode, and you'll have to stick to stealth much more than on Cadet or Veteran modes.

Tips for Sniper Elite Difficulty

  • The addition of the wind to the ballistics model makes it much harder to snipe over long distances. Try to get in closer to enemies in this mode, especially if they're moving.
  • Again, the use of silenced pistols and melee is paramount in this mode. Try to watch soldier's patrol routes and sneak up on them when they're isolated. You can hide their bodies in the tall grass, and they won't be found.

Authentic (Hardcore) Difficulty

Authentic mode takes away a lot of the indicators that help with sniping and avoiding enemies in easier difficulties. You'll still have to deal with the full ballistics model, but aim assist is turned off by default, meaning you'll have to target the enemy using only the windage gauge and crosshairs. Additionally, enemies are almost supernatural in locating you in this mode and typically killing only when necessary is key to survival in Authentic mode.

Tips for Authentic Difficulty

  • This difficulty is a real test of your sniper skills. Don't fire unless you know a hit is guaranteed; you often won't get a chance to fire a second round before you have to relocate due to the challenging enemy AI.
  • Rather than using silenced pistol or melee attacks, it's usually better to try to sneak past enemies rather than eliminate them. With how quickly they can take you out in Authentic Mode, it's not worth the risk to foul up an assassination and have your target alert his friends.

We told you how to snipe, now check out our Sniper Elite 4 guide to put that information into practice.

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