For Honor - How to Revive Teammates

We'll tell you everything there is to know about reviving in For Honor.


Reviving allies in For Honor can mean the difference between victory and defeat. The basic concept of reviving a teammate in For Honor is simple. However, there are certain conditions in which reviving an ally could be detrimental or impossible. We'll tell you below everything you need to know about reviving in For Honor.

How to Revive in For Honor

When playing For Honor, it's not hard to spot a downed teammate. When a hero is downed, a very visible beacon will serve to indicate where their fallen body is located along with a circular timer showing how long you have until they bleed out. You can revive allies that show this beacon by walking to them and holding E on PC, B on XBox One, or Circle on PlayStation 4. It'll take a few seconds to revive them, so be on guard for enemies.

Situations Where You Can't Revive in For Honor

As long as your teammates fall via normal attacks, you'll get a chance to revive them and bring them back into the fight. However, in For Honor, there is one situation that makes a hero unrevivable: executions. When an ally is executed, you won't get the chance to revive them. Additionally, the downed ally will have to respawn at the beginning of the level with a 3-second penalty on their spawn timer if they're executed.

Situations Where You Shouldn't Revive in For Honor

It's always tempting to help teammates in need. However, For Honor is a brutal game and trying to seek out and revive every fallen ally is going to end your repeated death. In Domain mode, the AI soldiers and your fellow heroes can usually provide enough cover and distraction to allow you to revive an ally. However, in 2-on-2 Mode, you have to make sure the enemy team isn't crashing down upon you before you sacrifice the precious, defenseless seconds you need to bring your partner back into the fight.

Now that you know how to revive, check out the flip side and learn how to execute. For more helpful info, see our For Honor guide hub.

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