For Honor - How to Play as the Peacekeeper Class

Become the best with the For Honor Peacekeeper class.


For Honor isn't all about brute force, while some heroes excel at brutal, up-close combat, if you want an agile and stealthy hero, you'll be interested in the Peacekeeper class. The Peacekeeper class excels at quick strikes and uses its agility to get out of a sticky situation quickly. Even though they're quick, combat in For Honor is chaotic, and if you want to play as the Peacekeeper, then you'll need to learn how to use their versatile but short range fighting style.

How to Defend With Peacekeeper

Since the Peacekeeper relies on stealth and agility to take down enemies, defense is of the utmost importance. Because the Peacekeeper doesn't wear heavy armor, you have to make sure to wait until the perfect time to strike.

In Dominion mode, use the Peacekeeper's ability to quick step out of the way of attacks. If you dodge successfully, the enemy will slide right past you, and you'll be in the perfect position to perform a counter attack. When actively blocking enemy hero's attacks, make sure to deflect attacks when you can to open enemy heroes up to stun moves.

Best Offensive Tactics for Peacekeeper

With the Peacekeeper hero, the best offense is a good defense. You have the mobility advantage over most other heroes, and you can dodge and roll quicker than others. You can roll in towards and enemy and catch them with your dagger, which will cause them to bleed. As enemies bleed, they lose health over time. Once you've mastered the Peacekeeper class, you can continue dodging attacks from an enemy hero and slowly bleed them to death without getting a scratch on you.

1v1 Battle Tactics For Peacekeeper

As a Peacekeeper, you're best off initiating combat rather than waiting for the enemy hero to come to you. There are two ways a Peacekeeper class can go about one-on-one matches. You can either evade and bleed out the enemy, or you can attack head on and use blocks and deflects to open the enemy hero to counter attacks. Once you've gained some experience with the Peacekeeper, you should be able to freely switch back and forth between these two styles to take down enemies even more efficiently.

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