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We show you where to find every Kodama in Nioh.


In Nioh you'll use shrines often for leveling up and receiving powerful blessings. These shrines are tended to by Kodama, tiny green spirits that are scattered all over each map in the game. You'll need to find each Kodama's locations and lead them back to their shrines if you want to use more powerful Kodama blessings.

There are multiple types of Kodama, and each of them offers a different sort of blessing. Some of these blessings make armor or weapons drop from enemies more frequently, while others will give you additional bonuses that can help you during your journey. Each Kodama you find will increase the power of their particular type of blessing, so you will want to find as many Kodama locations as you can. Here we will show you step by step instructions that you can use to locate and find each Kodama.

Isle of Demons Kodama Locations

First Kodama

When you find yourself in control of William on the shore of the Isle of Demons, there's only one way to go to progress. Proceed to the right from your starting point and defeat the villager, then continue along the path. Shortly after you leave the shore area, you'll see a space to the right that contains a hut and two villagers. Take out the villagers and break the cart beside the hut to reveal a Kodama.

Second Kodama

If you proceed along the path past the area, you found the First Kodama you'll encounter a villager with a polearm. Take out that villager and the path will open into a larger area. To your left will be a small field with a scarecrow and a villager kneeling over a corpse and to your right will be several huts.

You'll want to look for a grassy path up to the large gate above the huts. You'll encounter several soldiers and villagers along the way. Kill them all and enter this gate and you'll be in a courtyard. You'll want to continue along the wall to your right until you find an opening. You'll know it's the right opening because there's a small hut with a chest in it nearby. Go through this opening and head to your left, and you'll find a Kodama.

Third Kodama

Near the path to the large gate and courtyard, you'll find another path into a graveyard. Head into this graveyard and look for an archer above shooting arrows. Just before the area with this archer, you'll find a small path to the right. When you head up this path, immediately take the path to the left leading up. You'll see a tree on the right and another tree on the left close to the middle of the area. Look to the left of this tree to see a Kodama in the grass.

Fourth Kodama

From where you found the third Kodama, jump down to the area where there is one enemy by a fire with an archer above him. Don't attack these enemies. Just head left, and down the path you find there. This path leads to another small drop to another path below. You'll know you're in the right place if you see child-like statues. To your left is a ladder you can drop to enable access to the shore area. Move right, and you'll encounter a zombie-like creature. Kill it and move past it and you'll see a second zombie eating something on the ground. Kill that zombie and then go to the far side of the area and look for a tree on the left. To the left of that tree is a Kodama.

Fifth Kodama

Once you defeat the Yokai demon in the courtyard, you'll have a key that can unlock the gate in that area. Drop down to the path below, and you'll find the fifth Kodama.

Sixth Kodama

In the village by the coast, there is a Kodama under a board on the roof of one of the houses. Drop down off the rooftops and head to where the Yokai demon with a single sword spawns. Nearby there is an open hut. Head in and climb the ladder up to the roof and there you'll find a Kodama.

Seventh Kodama

When you reach the second half of the coastal village, you'll see two watchtowers, one of each side of the passage leading to the beach. If you're facing the beach, you'll want to head for the right tower. Climb the ladder there and then cross over the to other tower. There will be a ladder there you can kick down. Instead of climbing down this ladder, though, drop down to the rooftop to your left and head across the roof. You'll see a small overhang here. Drop down to the overhang and claim the Kodama there.

Eighth Kodama

Head between the towers and out towards the beach. When you reach the water, turn left. Keep walking, and you'll find a Kodama on a ledge on the side of the cliff near the edge of the water.

Ninth Kodama

Go between the towers towards the beach and head right. There is a path nearby that leads up to the edge of a village where you can find a shrine. There will be a locked door in your path, but from this side, you can unlock it. Just before you reach this locked door, head right and down the path to find a Kodama waiting.

This article will continue to be updated as we find more Kodama. Check out our Nioh guide hub for more helpful info.

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