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We give you the walkthrough and guides to fight your way through Feudal Japan in Nioh.


Nioh is Team Ninja's latest title for PlayStation 4 and puts players in the shoes of Western Samurai William who fights humans and supernatural beings across Japan. The gameplay is Dark Souls-esque and it requires a lot of skill to successfully complete William's journey in 1600's Feudal Japan. This guide hub will contain all of our Nioh guide content which will be updated regularly as time goes on.

Nioh Tips

  • In Nioh William can take several stances. High, mid, and low stances each have their advantages and disadvantages in combat.
    • Mid stance is the middle ground of the three possible combat stances. From the mid stance you'll have an even balance of attack, power, and ability to absorb damage from guarding. Attacks from the mid stance can be dished out rapidly, but this will also quickly empty your Ki (stamina) meter.
    • The high stance places all of William's power into offense, which makes you less able to defend. Attacks from the high stances are powerful, but take more Ki and more time to execute.
    • The low stances is the opposite of the high stance. You can guard against a greater amount of damage, but your attacks will be significantly weaker than they are from the high or mid stances.
  • You can switch stances at will during battle, and your opponents will often switch stances when fighting you. Make sure you take advantage of this feature for maximum combat effectiveness in Nioh.
  • Use caution when exploring the world of Nioh. Like Dark Souls, you'll want to be very careful in each new area. There aren't a lot of indicators on where new weapons, equipment, and key items are located, so a careful sweeping of each environment is best if you want to get everything.
  • Try to take on opponents one at a time. You can draw singular enemies out by using shuruken or makibishi and defeat them one-on-one. Every enemy has the capability to best you if you're not careful, and fighting two or more at a time decreases your odds for survival.
  • Nioh auto-saves frequently, thank goodness, but there are still areas that serve much the same purpose as the Bonfires from Dark Souls. Shrines will restore William's heath and Ki, and will allow you to level him up using Amrita. Using a Shrine will also respawn enemies, so you must deliberate whether you're ready for that to happen or not.

Nioh Guides

This section contains guides that will help you find the best weapons, armor, and equipment available in Nioh, as well as how to get all the collectibles in the game.

All Kodama Locations

Find every Kodama in Nioh for maximum blessings.

Nioh Walkthroughs

These walkthroughs will take you through certain tough sections of the game like boss battles and puzzles.

How to Defeat Derrick the Executioner

We show you how to beat the first boss in Nioh.

How to Defeat Onryoki

Take out the boss of the fishing village, Onryoki, with this walkthrough.

How to Defeat Hino-Enma

Take down this succubus and free the hearts of men.

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