Resident Evil 7: Banned Footage - How to Solve the Bedroom DLC

Our walkthrough will be your guide to completing the new Bedroom DLC from Resident Evil 7: Banned Footage Vol. 1.


Resident Evil 7's first DLC pack, Banned Footage Vol. 1, debuts tomorrow and one of the new scenarios, Bedroom, puts you in the shoes of Clancy, the cameraman from the RE7 demo. In Bedroom, you'll have to escape Marguerite Baker's clutches by using your wits alone. This new puzzle is a welcome addition to Resident Evil 7's already chilling scenario and gives us some back story on just what happened to Clancy after he was captured by the Bakers in the demo. This walkthrough of the Bedroom DLC will be your guide to completing the DLC and thwarting Marguerite's plans.

Below the next heading is a plethora of spoilers for the Resident Evil 7: Banned Footage Vol 1. Bedroom DLC. Don't read below unless you want to know major details of Clancy's attempt to escape from Marguerite Baker.

Assessing the Bedroom

When you come to, you'll find Marguerite bringing you some tender vittles on which to snack. When she leaves the room, pick up the Spoon, but don't eat the food. It will just damage you.

Free yourself from the strap by interacting with it, then get out of bed. Take the Lantern from the hook beside the bed and begin to explore the room.

Head over to the dresser first. Don't bother with the drawers; there's nothing in them. Examine the small urn sitting on top of the dresser and take the Lighter from inside.

On the nightstand beside the bed, there is a small clock. You may remember it from the main game as being the key to moving the bed and access the passage beneath. Interact with the clock and take the Broken Clock Hand.

The Bedroom Painting Puzzle

Move to the grandfather clock near the door to the room. You can use the Broken Clock Hand to pick the lock on the clock. Once you open the grandfather clock, you can take the Untitled Painting A.

When you take the painting from the grandfather clock, it will ding, and you'll hear Marguerite Baker coming to investigate. Close the door on the clock and hang the lantern back on its hook, then get back in bed and relock your shackle.

After Marguerite tucks you back in, free yourself from your bindings again and pick the lantern back up. Collect the Untitled Painting B on the barrel near the bed, and then take Untitled Painting C that's hanging on the wall to the left of the door to the bedroom.

Where you picked up the last painting, examine the wall. You'll see some imprints on the wall where the paintings had previously been hanging. Match the shapes of the paintings to the shapes on the wall in the correct order: B, C, A.

When you have the pictures hung correctly, the book underneath the paintings will open up, and you can get the Sewing Needle stuck in the voodoo doll.

Put painting B and C back in their original places, and hold onto painting A. Go back to the small clock on the nightstand by the bed and place both needles onto the clock. Set the clock to 5:00 and the bed will slide aside revealing a Snake Key Door.

Getting the Corkscrew

The noise of the bed sliding will attract Marguerite's attention again, so interact with the clock to slide the bed back in place. Once the bed is in place, then hang the lantern back onto its hook and climb in bed and secure your shackle.

Marguerite has decided to bring you some food that may be more to your palette's liking. When she leaves, take the Fork and the Stove, but don't eat the food.

Get back out of bed and grab the lantern. It's now time to solve the combination lock on the door adjacent to the dresser. Using the clues from the note you find on the side of the bed that you get the lantern, you can deduce that the solution to the puzzle is: Snake, Fig Leaf, Apple.

Head to the wardrobe near the back of the room and crouch down. You can use the fork to pry the nail on the small piece of wood securing the cabinet and open it. Inside the cabinet is Solid Fuel.

Proceed back into the main bedroom and move to the barrel and pick up painting B again. Make sure that the bed is slid back into position and that the door to the side room is closed. Combine the stove with the solid fuel in your inventory, then place the stove on the plate. Use the lighter on the stove, and the flame will kill the spiders so you can take the Corkscrew.

Matching the Painting Shadows

Marguerite will once again be attracted by the noise, so quickly take the stove off the barrel, replace painting B back on top of the barrel, then hang the lantern beside the bed, crawl in, and rebind yourself. Marguerite will come in and get angry at you. If she happens to give you a conversation option, choose to blame Lucas, and she'll leave.

Once she's left, get back out of bed and grab the lantern again. Use the corkscrew to take Lantern Hook A off the wall beside the bed.

Head to the back of the side room and use the corkscrew to take Lantern Hook B off the wall.

Open up your inventory and combine the two Lantern Hook pieces to assemble an Iron Statuette.

If you read the note in the jacket to the right of the wardrobe in the back room, you'll be informed that Zoe used to hide knives all around the bedroom. Go back into the main bedroom and look to the left of the dresser, near the side door, and you'll find a Knife.

Proceed back to the side room and use the knife on the projector to cut the tape/ You can now open the projector and put your lantern in it. Before you proceed further, go back in the main bedroom and use the small clock beside the bed to slide it aside and reveal the Snake Key Door.

Use the Iron Statuette on the front platform and match the shadow to that on the painting.

After you've matched the first shadow, you can use the fork on the rear platform and match the shadow to the snake head.

Escaping the Bedroom

The birdcage containing the Snake Key by the painting will open, and you can grab the key. Marguerite will burst into the bedroom and begin to look for Clancy. Make sure you have the knife equipped and out then proceed into the bedroom.

She'll rush Clancy and try and grab him, but he'll stab her in the neck with the knife. While she's writhing on the ground, run to the Snake Key Door on the floor. Use the Snake Key on the door, and rush into the underground passage to complete the Resident Evil 7: Banned Footage Vol 1. Bedroom DLC.

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