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For Honor: Berserker Guide

This guide shows you how to play as the bloodthirsty warrior hero class of the Vikings.


For Honor's Berserker is a furious warrior, armed with dual axes, but with light armor to allow for fast movement. Berserker is the Viking version of the Assassin class, allowing players who are adept at it to quickly and mercilessly take out enemy heroes. This guide will show you the best strategies, tactics, and combos to use while playing the Berserker.

Pros and Cons of the Berserker Hero Class


  • The Berserker has a fluid and diverse move set that allows you to keep your enemy guessing continually.
  • This class has a high stamina pool from which to draw which allows you to take out huge swaths of enemy soldiers or pound on enemy heroes relentlessly.
  • Your quick light attacks allow you to keep an opponent off-balance and on the defensive.
  • The Berserker's deflect ability allows you to turn enemy attacks against them.


  • Your axes have an extremely short range. You have to get in close to successfully attack.
  • A Berserker's total health is lower than other hero classes.
  • Your heavy attacks can be slow unless you're launching them as part of a combo chain.
  • Deflect ability makes blocking enemy attacks trickier.

Berserker Attack Strategies

Basic Attacks:

The Berserker's light attack is a quick, light blow that is useful for harassing enemy heroes and killing enemy soldiers. However, most of the damage you deal will come from your heavy attacks, which are just as slow as your light attacks are fast.

Chains and Combos

The best way to make use of a Berserker hero is through initiating combos and change. Your primary combo will be the triple heavy combo, which is performed by executing three heavy attacks in a row. If you can land all three hits, you'll deplete around half of an enemy heroes total health.

However, the infinite chain combo, which is unique to the Berserker in For Honor, is the most powerful of your tools. To initiate the Berserker infinite chain, you must alternate light and heavy attacks. So attack with light then heavy, then light and heavy again and again. As long as you keep up the alternating light and heavy attacks you'll continue the combo.

The infinite chain combo becomes especially useful due to the Berserker's Dauntless passive ability. Dauntless is activated once you land four blows on an enemy hero. Once Dauntless has activated all your attacks become uninterruptable. This means that even if the enemy attacks you during your wind-up, you won't stop. Additionally, Dauntless decreases the amount of stamina each attack takes.

There are some caveats with the infinite chain combo. Your opponent can still block your heavy attacks, though you can still continue the combo. However, if the enemy blocks one of your light attacks, the combo is over, and you'll have to start over. Additionally, if you try to make a heavy overhead attack, the Berserker's infinite combo will end.

The best way to avoid getting the infinite combo blocked is by switching up the direction of your blocks continuously.

Berserker Zone Attacks

By pressing the light and heavy attack buttons together, you can initiate a zone attack. The zone attack has the Berserker spinning around and hacking any enemies in range. This is mostly useful for taking out swaths of enemy soldiers, though it can be helpful against enemy heroes in the right circumstances.

Jumping Strike

By sprinting towards an enemy and attacking, you can deliver a quick overhead strike. This is useful for getting the jump on enemy heroes and forcing them to engage in battle without preparation.

Berserker Defense Strategies

Deflecting as the Berserker

Deflecting is an improvement over the regular block. Instead of adjusting the direction of your block, as a Berserker, you have a timing window as the enemy is attacking to press the block button and deflect their attack. Once you've successfully deflected their attack, you can use a guard break to knock them off balance.

This can be a great move paired with the infinite chain combo. If an enemy gets the jump on you, you can deflect their attack, guard break them, and initiate an infinite chain combo and instantly take them from being on the offensive to scrambling to defend.

Spinning Chop

The best defense is sometimes a good offense, and the Spinning Chop can get you back on the offensive in no time. By initiating a dodge then performing a light attack, you can dodge right or left and execute an overhead attack on an enemy. This allows you to transition from offense to defense fluidly.

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