Resident Evil 7: Explanation of the Ending

The end of Resident Evil 7 comes abruptly and leaves questions unanswered. Here is a breakdown and explanation of the ending of Resident Evil 7.


Many players have completed Resident Evil 7 already and found the ending puzzling. "Are there multiple endings," "is Ethan's story over," and "exactly what's up with that black helicopter," are some of the remaining questions that fans keep mulling over. In this article, we attempt to answer these questions and allow players to get a bit more satisfaction with the game.

There are spoilers ahead, more specifically ones for the ending. We'll be examining multiple parts of the game, so if you haven't completed Resident Evil 7 yet, you may want to before you read our article. Past the first heading below, it's no holds barred with spoilers.

Where are the Bakers Now?

During RE7, Ethan takes on and kills Jack and Marguerite Baker. Lucas escapes the Baker residence, and you find out that he was healed and had been working with Umbrella Corporation via Redfield.

Zoe's fate is up to the player. If you decided to cure Zoe, then she dies on the way to the Wrecked Ship. If you decided not to heal her, you simply never see or hear from her again once you leave with Mia to go to the Wrecked Ship. Since it seems like Ethan curing Mia is more than likely the canonical ending, Zoe is possibly still alive, though her whereabouts are unknown.

Multiple Endings

Resident Evil 7 doesn't have much of a choice system. The major decision to be made in the game is whether to cure Mia or Zoe. During the fight with Jack at the Pier Boat House, you have to use one of the two serums made that can cure the Molded infection to kill Jack for good. Because of this, you have to choose whether Zoe or Mia will be cured or not.

If you choose Zoe, Zoe dies on the way to the Wrecked Ship, Mia sacrifices herself on the Wrecked Ship to allow Ethan to escape and you'll have to kill her when she shows up later. Ethan will leave the Baker Estate by himself, and you can consider this to be the bad ending.

If you give the serum to Mia, Zoe will simply disappear for the rest of the game and Mia will live until the end of the game. Once you've beat Eveline once and for all, you can leave the Baker Estate with Mia, and you can consider this to be the good ending.

Other than Mia being present or not there isn't much difference between the two endings.

Chris Redfield and Umbrella

During the final boss battle, a man drops a pistol down from a helicopter and tells you to use it. Once you use it to kill Eveline, the man introduces himself as "Redfield, " and Ethan leaves the Baker Estate with him in a helicopter. The thing that has fans confused though is that the helicopter bore the Umbrella Corporation logo.

As long-time Resident Evil fans know, Umbrella Corporation is the company that spawned the deadly T-Virus that created the zombie incident that destroyed Raccoon City, among other locales around the world. Umbrella Corporation was supposed to be bankrupted by the investigation and freezing of their assets after the Raccoon City incident and hadn't been seen for quite some time.

The appearance of Chris in Umbrella garb makes it very odd that former-S.T.A.R.S. member and B.S.A.A. Agent Chris Redfield would be associated with the company that was his former nemesis. The credits definitely credit this individual as Chris Redfield too. Fan theories point to the fact that it may be another person using the Redfield name, such as the Umbrella Security Service agent HUNK. More than likely it's more complicated than a mere red herring, and it looks like we'll find out exactly what's going on in the upcoming "Not a Hero" story DLC.

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