Resident Evil 7: What to do With the Toy Axe

So you found the Toy Axe in Lucas' Room in Resident Evil 7, and you're wondering what it's used for? This walkthrough will show you just what you need to do with it.


The Toy Axe in Resident Evil 7 doesn't have an immediately apparent use. You get the Toy Axe after getting the Snake Key and entering the Kid's Room on the second floor of the Main House, but you can go the whole game without knowing why or where you should use it. This guide will show you how to find the Toy Axe and what to do with it once you have it.

Getting the Toy Axe in Resident Evil 7

To get the Toy Axe, you'll have to have first beaten Marguerite Baker in the Greenhouse. Once you've finished your business with her lantern on the second floor of the Old House, you'll head back to Zoe's Camper in the yard and get a call from Lucas. Lucas will prompt you to head back to the Basement of the Main House and return to the Dissection Room. There you'll get the Snake Key and have the ability to unlock the location containing the Toy Axe.

After obtaining the Snake Key, head to the second floor of the Main House to the Kid's Room. Once you're in the Kid's room you can use the button on the lamp you find in there to head into the attic. Once there, if you make an immediate right and look into the corner, you'll find the Toy Axe sitting on a shelf.

How and Where to Use the Toy Axe in Resident Evil 7

Now that you have the Toy Axe, head out into the yard and proceed towards the door to the left that requires the Red and Blue Keycards. To the left of that door, you'll find a small thicket you can pass through where you'll find a pedestal and projector.

Use the Toy Axe on the pedestal and the projector will light up. Your task is to line up the Toy Axe to project a "7" onto the wall to complete the number. Once you've done that, the silver chest near you will unlock and you can claim the Stabilizer stat boosting item inside.

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