Resident Evil 7: How to Find All Antique Coin Locations

If you're looking to find all the Antique Coins locations and get the 'Pelicans in Your Pocket' trophy or achievement in Resident Evil 7, this guide will help.


Resident Evil 7 has a collectible called an Antique Coin that you'll want to get above all other collectibles. The Antique Coins have a dual use. Not only do you need to collect them all the complete the "Pelicans in Your Pocket" trophy or achievement, but you also must use them as currency in the bird cages spread throughout the game to purchase powerful items. This guide will tell you what the location of every Antique Coin in the game is and make sure you get the "Pelicans in Your Pocket" achievement or trophy.

Using Antique Coins in Resident Evil 7

Antique Coins have a unique ability to purchase upgrades that would otherwise be unavailable to you. Though you'll find Antique Coins starting shortly after the beginning of RE7, you won't get a chance to purchase upgrades until you exit the Main House and access Zoe Baker's Camper.

There are spoilers for Resident Evil 7 below, so if you want to make it through the game without them, avoid this guide until you've completed the main story.

Antique Coin Locations in Easy and Normal Modes

  • It's easy to miss your first Antique Coin, as it's not immediately obvious how to get it. In the Guest House 1F Kitchen, you'll find a locked drawer with no apparent key located anywhere in the Guest House. To open this drawer, you'll have to watch the Derelict House Footage Video Tape in the Guest House Living Room. When you take control of Clancy in the video, look around the back of the outside area for a lockpick. Once inside the kitchen use the lockpick on the kitchen drawer then complete the tape as normal. Once the video is complete and you take control of Ethan again, go back to the kitchen and open the now unlocked drawer to receive your first Antique Coin.
  • After you wake up in the Baker's Main House Dining Room and escape, you'll need to make it to a crawl space underneath the house to escape from Jack. In this crawlspace under the Main House, you'll find an Antique Coin on the edge of a red lawnmower.
  • You can find your third Antique Coin in the Main Hall of the Main House 1F. The coin is in a drawer located in the upper-left area of the Main Hall.
  • Head up to the Recreation Room on the second floor Main House for your fourth Antique Coin. You'll find the coin above the pool table near the door to Grandma's Room.
  • While still on the second floor of the Main House, go the the Bathroom and look at the toilet. You'll find your fifth Antique Coin inside.
  • Once you make it to the Drawing Room on the first floor of the Main House, you can gather your sixth Antique Coin. The coin will be sitting in the ashtray of the Drawing Room.
  • Antique Coin number seven can be found in the Processing Area in the Main House Basement near the Processing Area Map. To the left of the map is a wooden pallet leaning on the wall, duck down and look behind the pallet to get the Antique Coin.
  • Once you've made it out of the three-headed dog door and into the yard, go straight down the stairs in front of the dog door and make a right. Immediately take another right and move towards the house to find the eighth Antique Coin in a potted plant.
  • When you enter Zoe's Camper parked in the yard beside the Main House you can get the ninth Antique Coin. You'll find the coin beside the cage containing the Magnum pistol.
  • For the tenth Antique Coin, you'll have to proceed to the first floor of the Old House. You'll catch a glimpse of Mia through a hole during a cutscene there. The hallway leading to that room has a trolley placed in it. On top of that cart is an Antique Coin.
  • When you find the Crow Key, you'll also be in the same area as the eleventh Antique Coin. Walk North to the furthest outhouse and pick up the Antique Coin sitting on top of the toilet.
  • Once you enter the Crow Door on the second floor of the Old House, you'll eventually find a door that requires a lantern to unlock it. In this room, there is a chest of drawers. In the top drawer of this chest, you'll find the twelfth Antique Coin.
  • Once you use both keycards to unlock Lucas Baker's testing area, you can find the thirteenth Antique Coin. Just before you head into the barn in the first floor of the Testing Area, you can find a storage room. Be careful of the bombs and look in the green desk drawer to get the Antique Coin.
  • After you beat the Fat Molded in the barn, you can proceed up to the second floor of the Testing Area. In the room with the retractable staircase leading back to the first floor of the Testing Area, look for a shelf in the corner. On this shelf, you'll find the fourteenth Antique Coin.
  • When you reach the Wrecked Ship, you will see a flashback to two workers and a duct shortly after taking control of Mia. When the flashback ends, drop down into the duct and head right to find the fifteenth Antique Coin at a dead end passage.
  • On the first floor of the Wrecked Ship, there is a dead body you'll encounter and a drop into the water. To the left of the ladder, you need to climb to get out, in the water, there is the sixteenth Antique Coin.
  • The seventeenth Antique Coin is on the third floor of the Wrecked Ship in a large locked red box. Head to the second floor of the Wrecked Ship and find the lockpick in the northern section of the floor in the room with a ladder inside. If you climb the ladder, you can open a box with a lockpick inside. Take the lockpick back to the locked red box and open it to obtain the Antique Coin.
  • The eighteenth and final Antique Coin is located in a lock box on a wall on the second floor of the Wrecked Ship. To open it you'll need to use Corrosive to melt the lock. Once you've melted the lock, you can open the box and claim the last Antique Coin.

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