Gravity Rush: Find All Ducks in Dream Doll, Angel Doll

How to complete the first side mission in Gravity Rush 2: Dream Doll, Angel Doll.


Once you complete the tutorial in the beginning Gravity Rush 2 and Kat's gravity powers are returned, you'll get to roam around Banga freely, and at that point, you can take on the game's first side quest. The first side quest in Gravity Rush 2 involves a group of ducks that have escaped from their cage. One of the ducks has also stolen Cecie's Angel Doll, one of her prized possessions. You have to find the ducks and return them to the cage while finding Cecie's doll to complete Dream Doll, Angel Doll successfully.

To start the Dream Doll, Angel Doll sidequest, you need to find Cecie and speak with her. Cecie is near the bird cage, and when you interact with her, you'll see a cutscene with Cecie talking to Angel Doll. In the middle of Kat and Cecie's conversation, Kat will see that the bird cage is open and that a single duck has escaped. As Cecie tries to catch the duck, the duck will fall off the edge of the walkway. You'll need to run to the side of the walkway and drop quickly. Once you've caught the duck, trigger your Gravity Float and return the duck to the bird cage.

Once you've returned to the birdcage, the second part of Dream Doll, Angel Doll will start. Kat will be noticed that the other ducks have managed to escape too. Now you have to find them. Additionally, one of the ducks took Cecie's Angel Doll and ran off with it. You need to help Cecie find the six ducks and retrieve her Angel Doll to complete the quest.

The key to finding the ducks is to listen. The ducks make quaking noises when you're close to them, and this is the best way to detect them. When you hear the quacking, start looking around the immediate area for any little white ducks.

First Duck

The first duck can be found behind the bird coop. Just listen, and you'll get a message on the bottom of your screen. Drop down to the platform below the back of the coop, and you'll find the first duck.

Second Duck

To find the second duck, make your way to the platform with the flags hanging from ropes. You can tell you're in the right place if you see three citizens standing near the front of the platform talking. Drop down onto the walkway, and you can find a duck near the back of the building.

Third Duck

The third duck is on another platform near some stacked crates. Make sure to listen for the quacking to know if you're in the right place or not.

Fourth Duck

Duck number four is on a larger platform. Look for a big platform with people walking around on it and a group of pigs proceeding along the walkway. Once you've found the right platform, the duck can be found on top of the platform near a group of planters.

Fifth Duck

The fifth duck is to the left of the mining airship. Use Gravity Float to hover and look at the top of the tower looking structures to find the duck.

Sixth Duck

The last duck is perched on an awning on the left side of the mining ship. Look towards the cage that lowers miners into the Gravity Storms, and you'll spot the duck on the awning.

One all the ducks are found, you can return to Cecie. Interact with her to complete your first side quest, Dream Doll, Angel Doll. You'll earn a trophy for completing this mission: Day in Kat's Life.

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