How to find and complete treasure hunts in Gravity Rush 2

Track down treasure chests that contain spoils to aid you on your gravity-defying adventures.


From rounding up precious gems to styling and profiling in Kat's assortment of attires, Gravity Rush 2 is brimming with activities competing for your attention. You can barrel through the story if you want, but treasure hunts reward you with items that give you a leg up as you play.

Starting a Treasure Hunt

Patience is a virtue in Gravity Rush 2. As you play, you'll receive notifications about assorted goings-on, including treasure hunts. When you get a notification, press the Options button on your DualShock 4 to open the main menu, then open the Announcements tab. Filter out excess news posts by choosing Treasure Hunts.

Begin a treasure hunt by highlighting one of your treasure notifications and activating it. The game will transport you to a new area specially designed for a hunt.

Completing a Treasure Hunt

Once you enter the new area, you should notice a picture in the lower-right corner of the screen. It's a snapshot of the rough location where the treasure can be found. You can enlarge the image by pressing the DualShock 4's Touchpad if you need a closer look at the environmental clues contained in the image.

Explore the area and listen for a telltale beeping noise. Think of this as a game of hot-or-cold: the beeping grows louder as you get closer to a treasure, but when you begin moving away, Kat will speak up and recommend that you return to the sound.

Treasure chests can be located almost anywhere: perched on rooftops, secreted away near entrances to buildings. You'll need to make use of Kat's vast repertoire of moves to get to them. Once you've got a treasure chest in your sights, hold off on grabbing all your spoils. Instead, take a picture using Photo Mode. Upload it, and another player will receive it as their hint picture. Make the photo clear if you want to help them out, or be crafty and take a cryptic picture to make them work for their loot.

Follow these tips to build a repertoire of treasure-hunting skills that put Lara Croft to shame. If you need help in other areas of Gravity Rush 2, hit up our guide hub for more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs. 

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