How to unlock and equip costumes in Gravity Rush 2

From Kat's duds in the first game to pre-order exclusives, learn how to customize your wardrobe.


Gravity Rush 2's costumes are all about style over functionality. None of them change the core gameplay; they're purely cosmetic, giving you total freedom in how you look as you play. Finding all of Kat's outfits gives you more ways to express your fashion sense, and every outfit is stylish enough to try on at least once.

How to Unlock Costumes

There are 16 costumes available to unlock in Gravity Rush 2. Some outfits return from the first game; you get these by importing a Gravity Rush Remastered save file from your PS4. One costume is a pre-order bonus. Others become available as you progress through story missions, and by tackling side missions.

  • Military Uniform: Import your save from Gravity Rush Remastered.
  • Maid Outfit: Import your save from Gravity Rush Remastered.
  • Spy Outfit: Import your save from Gravity Rush Remastered.
  • Shifter 2.0: Kat's default attire.
  • White Kat: Pre-order bonus.
  • Jazz Singer: Complete the "Like a Radio" mission to claim this slinky red dress.
  • Mining Outfit: Unknown.
  • Nurse Outfit: Complete side mission "A Legend is Born," located in Auldnoir: Old Town.
  • School Uniform: Unknown.
  • Waitress Uniform: Unknown.
  • PS02 Crazy Kitten: Unknown.

We're still making our way through Gravity Rush 2 and unlocking more of Kat's costumes. We'll be updating this guide as we go, so bookmark it and check back often.

How to Equip Costumes

You can change into any costume you've unlocked by entering photo mode. Press up on the d-pad to bring up the camera, then press Circle to open the costume menu. You need to finish the mission "Like a Radio" to unlock this menu.

The costume menu tells you how many outfits you've found out of the grand total. Highlight the costume you want to wear and equip it to change Kat's attire.

Follow these tips to fill your wardrobe with stylish costumes in record time. If you need help in other areas of Gravity Rush 2, hit up our guide hub for more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs. 

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