Gravity Rush 2: Get More Precious Gems and Level Up Faster

We show you how to get more Precious Gems so that you can level up even faster.


Precious Gems are the currency for Power-Ups for Kat in Gravity Rush 2. If you want to make Kat more powerful, you need to collect Precious Gems, the more, the better. These gems aren't exactly rare, but the key to leveling up fast is to find them in vast quantities. This guide will show you the best ways to use your Precious Gems to level up Kat faster.

Getting Precious Gems

Precious Gems aren't hard to come by, and in fact, you'll start getting them right at the onset of the game. To collect gems, you have to kick and punch the Ore deposits you can find in the various Gravity Storm locations. When you break open a deposit, Precious Gems will fall out, which you can then use to level up Kat's skillset.

Spending Precious Gems

To use your Precious Gems, you have to navigate to the Power Up menu via the Options menu. Once you're in the Power Up menu you can choose from the following six categories to upgrade Kat's skills:

  • Fighting Skill: If you upgrade this category, your regular, non-gravity attacks will get stronger.
  • Gravity Kick: Leveling up this category will increase the strength of Kat's Gravity Kick ability.
  • Stasis Field: If you want to increase the area the Statis Field ability affects, as well as how many items it can pick up, upgrade this category.
  • Evasion: If you want Kat to be better at dodging enemy attacks, upgrade this category to be able to use quicker evades and counterattacks.
  • Gravity Slide: If you want to gain the ability to do the Gravity Slide and use its special attacks and jumps, spend some Precious Gems in this category.
  • Special Attacks: Spending Precious Gems in this category will allow you to use new special attacks. There are also upgrades in this category to increase the usefulness of your new special attacks.

Farming Precious Gems

To make sure you're gathering Precious Gems most efficiently, you want to take on Mining Expedition sidequests. To obtain these sidequests, speak to Misai on the Banga Mining Boat, and he'll list the areas you can begin mining.

To get the most Precious Gems as quickly as possible, you want to choose a location to mine that has the most Gravity Ore available. To tell how much Gravity Ore is available at a location, read the number by "Current Mining Population," to the right of each Mining Site listing. If the number reads over 100, that means it's a good place to choose.

Just follow the tips above, and you'll maximize your Precious Gem gathering so you can level up Kat's skills as fast as possible. If you need help with other aspects of Gravity Rush 2, check out our guide hub for more walkthroughs and tips.

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