Gravity Rush 2: Collectibles, Walkthrough, and Guides

Everything you need to know to command the forces of gravity in Gravity Rush 2.


Gravity Rush 2 takes place directly after the story told in the first Gravity Rush, which came out in 2011 for the PlayStation Vita, and in 2016 for PlayStation 4. The story in Gravity Rush 2 is a direct continuation of the plot of the original Gravity Rush, with Kat and Dusty taking the lead role. Once again, you'll have to learn to harness the power of gravity, defeat nefarious creatures, and save the ones you love. All of our information on getting every collectible, side quest walkthroughs, guides, and tips will be collecting in this hub for easy access.

Gravity Rush 2 has gameplay, characters, and features from the original game, but it expands them and takes you to new, bigger, locales to explore. You'll be introduced to new features too, like differing gravity styles Kat can use for even more diverse combat options.

Gravity Rush 2 Hints and Tips

  • The Gravity Rush series features a unique playstyle that can be overwhelming for those who haven't played them before. The first area in Gravity Rush 2 offers a thorough tutorial which we recommend to get you warmed up.
  • To use gravity to float, press R1. You can then aim using the analog sticks and press R1 in the direction of your choice to make Kat "fall" in that direction. When you're ready to normalize gravity again, hit L1. Make sure to keep your eye on the gravity gauge on the top left corner of the screen, though. If it runs out while you're in the air, there's a good chance you could fall to your death.
  • You can control the speed at which Kat falls when she's using regular gravity powers by pressing and holding X to go faster. You can also steer her with the Left Thumbstick.
  • To upgrade Kat's gravity powers, you need to find Precious Gems. You can find Precious Gems in Ore deposits.
  • Each power-up costs a lot of Precious Gems. Make sure you plan your upgrades carefully because you can't cancel an upgrade for a refund of gems.
  • To upgrade Kat's overall stats, such as health, more special power, and more gravity power, you nee to seek out Talismans.
  • An excellent way to earn Precious Gems and Talismans is by completing side quests.
  • Gravity Rush 2 uses a lot of audio cues to help the player identify important aspects of the world. Listen carefully for hints about people, animals, or objectives with which to interact.

Walkthroughs for Gravity Rush 2

This section is where you'll find our various Gravity Rush 2 walkthroughs. Our walkthroughs will help you complete side missions and other quests in the game. We'll be adding more walkthroughs as time goes on.

Find All Ducks in Dream Doll, Angel Doll

How to complete the first side mission in Gravity Rush 2: Dream Doll, Angel Doll.

Guides for Gravity Rush 2

This section is where you can find specific Gravity Rush 2 guides for finding out more about power-ups, the Talisman and Precious Gem upgrade systems, and collectible quests. Check back often for more information on the game.

Get More Precious Gems and Level Up Faster

We show you how to get more Precious Gems so that you can level up even faster.

How to Unlock and Equip Costumes

From Kat's duds in the first game to pre-order exclusives, learn how to customize your wardrobe.

How to Find and Complete Treasure Hunts in Gravity Rush 2

Track down treasure chests that contain spoils to aid you on your gravity-defying adventures.

We aim to give you everything you need to know about Gravity Rush 2 to complete the game in style. You can join Kat and Dusty in their latest adventure now on PlayStation 4. We'll be bringing you guides and walkthroughs for Gravity Rush 2 often, so make sure and check back daily for even more info on the game.

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