Super Mario Run: Learn How to Kill Ghosts

Are those Boos keeping you spooked? We'll teach you how to take them down in our Super Mario Run guide for killing ghosts.


Super Mario Run has a ton of returning characters and enemies from past Super Mario games. You'll first encounter the ghostly Boos in World 2-1 when you visit your first haunted house-like level. It's relatively easy to avoid the ghosts in World 2-1. However, it's not until later, in World 5-3, when you'll start having to face down the Boo ghosts.

In World 5-3 the Boos will have items in them. These items can be just coins, or they can be keys you need to reach the end of the level. To obtain these items, you'll have to kill those ghosts and take them! It's not impossible to kill them, but it can be tricky. Follow the guide below to find out the best way to take down those dastardly Boos.

How to Kill Ghosts Like a Pro

In Super Mario Run. Mario is always running, so you've always got to be quick on your toes. The main thing to keep in mind is that you can't kill the ghosts permanently. Boos are unfortunately immortal, but you can turn their fright back around on them and make them disappear. You see, when you look at a ghost they get bashful and turn invisible. It's from this moment you can snag whatever item they were carrying.

The best way to "kill" ghosts is to use the backward blocks to backflip over them. When you land and look at them, the Boos will disappear, and you can get the item they were carrying, which will be hovering in mid-air. It might take some time to get used to this, though. You have to time your jumps just right, or you'll land right on the ghost. Mario is the best character to use for fighting ghosts. If he has used a Super Mushroom to become Super Mario, you can hit the ghost without being forced into the bubble and getting pushed back in the level. Any other character that hits a Boo will instantly get caught in the bubble, and if you are bubbled too many times, you have to start the level over.

More Ways to be the Best at Super Mario Run

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