Super Mario Run: Get More Friendly Runs Per Day

Follow our guide to find out how to get more Friendly Runs per day in Super Mario Run.


It's only been a week since Super Mario Run released, but Friendly Run solves an issue that people have had since the game came out. Before today you couldn't have a friendly competition in Toad Rally with your friends without risking Toads. Today's Super Mario Run update brought with it a new variation on Toad Rally, though, Friendly Run.

How to Start a Friendly Run

Super Mario Run's Friendly Run mode does have a few drawbacks, though. Unlike the Toad Rally and World Tour modes, Friendly Run isn't accessible straight from the main Kingdom screen. Instead, you have to go into your friends list and press the big green "RUN" button to begin a Friendly Run.

How to Get More Friendly Runs Per Day

The biggest limitation that Super Mario Run's Friendly Run mode has is that you can only play a limited amount of races per day. If you haven't cleared World 1, you only get one run per day. So if you're playing the free trial version of Super Mario Run, you're stuck with one Friendly Run per day until you unlock the full version of the game for $9.99.

Once you unlock the full version of Super Mario Run for $9.99 you'll be able to get more daily Friendly Run attempts finally. After beating World 1, you can challenge three friends per day to Friendly Run races. Once you beat World 2 that number increases to five Friendly Run races per day. Unfortunately, though, five races are the max amount you can challenge in Friend Run mode per day. Beating new worlds after World 2 doesn't unlock anymore Friendly Run race attempts.

How to Be the Best At Friendly Run Mode

Being good at Friendly Runs in Super Mario Run takes the same skills as being good at Toad Rally. Unlike Toad Rally though you can relax a bit because your precious Toads aren't at risk.

You can check our strategies for being the best at Toad Rally. These same strategies apply to Friendly Run mode, and Friendly Run mode is a great place to train for Toad Rally races without pressure.

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