Super Mario Run: Helpful Tips for Beginners

This Super Mario Run beginner's guide will give you tips you need to be the best.


Super Mario Run's style is similar to classic side-scrolling Mario games, so even if you're a beginner, there's some familiar ground in the game. The difference between Super Mario Run and previous Super Mario titles is that Super Mario Run uses the automatic motion mechanic to propel Mario forward continually. With Mario and friends running continuously you only have to worry about timing your jumps appropriately to make sure you clear obstacles and collect the coins scattered throughout the levels.

There are several modes available to play in Super Mario Run, including a World Tour mode, Toad Rally mode, and a Kingdom Builder mode. Here are some great tips to help out any beginner at Super Mario Run.

What is World Tour Mode?

World Tour is the single-player mode of Super Mario Run. It’s made up of 24 levels spread across 6 worlds, each filled with enemies and environments seen in previous Mario games. If you're using the free version of Super Mario Run, you're limited to the first 3 levels of World 1. To unlock all six worlds, you'll have to pay a one-time fee of $9.99.

World Tour Tips

  • Experiment with each of the characters you have unlocked. Each character has different abilities, speeds, and jump heights, which is crucial to understand when you’re attempting to reach harder areas and coins.
  • Use Pause blocks as a chance to catch your breath. You’ll hit these occasionally, and they stop both your forward movement and the timer as long as you stand on them. They’re a great opportunity for you to evaluate the path ahead and maximize your coin-gathering potential.
  • Pick up the Pink Coins. There are five scattered throughout every level, and they tend to be more challenging to obtain than run-of-the-mill gold coins. Collecting all five will earn you a reward which can be more coins to spend in Kingdom Builder or even more Toad Rally Tickets to use to play Toad Rally races.
  • If you're next to an enemy on the ground, always make sure to tap and do a stylish move to take them out. Vaulting over them will ensure you get past them, but defeating them gives you extra coins.

What is Toad Rally?

Toad Rally is Super Mario Run’s asynchronous competitive multiplayer mode. This mode pits players against each other in Ghost Runs, attempting to beat each other’s runs through generated levels by pulling off the most stylish level completion. If you win, the reward is a certain number of Toads, depending on how many fans you won over with cool moves and how many coins you collected. Once acquired, Toads will join your Kingdom and can be used to pick up more Kingdom upgrades. Some people you race against will reward you with different colored Toads than the others. Make sure you pay attention to what colors of Toads are by their name before you choose them if you're looking for a particular kind.

Toad Rally Tips

  • Don’t focus so heavily on your opponent’s movement. You’re not attempting to race them, you’re trying to gather more coins and have a more stylish or successful run than them.
  • The more Toads you can gather, the better. Toads are gained by completing successful runs, and the better these races go, the more Toads you’ll be rewarded with.
  • The way to have a “stylish” run, and gain more Toad fans to add to your point tally at the end of a Toad Rally race, is to make sure you tap as you are vaulting over an enemy to perform a tricky takedown.

What is Kingdom Builder?

The customizable part of Super Mario Run is called Kingdom Builder. In this mode, you have to fill the Mushroom Kingdom that you see on the main screen back up with buildings. To do this, you can purchase new buildings to populate your Kingdom using the currency you've obtained during the game.

Kingdom Builder Tips

  • The Buildings in Kingdom Builder mode offer up a handful of different advantages, like multipliers for earning additional coins and Toad Rally tickets.
  • A good way to earn coins quickly is to purchase the game for the unlock price of $9.99. Upon buying Super Mario Run, you’ll get 3,000 coins dropped into your account immediately. This can be used to purchase new buildings and other customization options. Experiment with the different items available to find what works best for you.

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