Super Mario Run All Pink Coin Locations Video Walkthrough

Follow our Super Mario Run video guide to see where to find all the locations of all the Pink Coins in every level.

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Super Mario Run is an overnight sensation and one of the questions on everyone who's playing it's mind is, "Where are all the Pink Coins located?" This Super Mario Run video gameplay guide will show you where all the Pink Coins are located in Super Mario Run, and exactly what moves you need to pull off to get them.

Gathering all the Pink Coins in Super Mario Run is an excellent way to get great rewards like more coins and Toad Rally Tickets. You also unlock new parts of levels for play in Toad Rally races.

World 1-1

Getting all the Pink Coins in Super Mario Run World 1-1: Up and Over isn't too difficult. Just follow the tips below, and you'll be sure to get them all.

First Pink Coin

This Pink Coin is easy to get. Just jump when you get to the edge of the ledge proceeding it, and you'll nail it.

Second Pink Coin

Jump on top of the lower row of blocks, then jump again when you near the end to grab this Pink Coin. If you somehow miss it, you can flip off the small ledge below it and possibly collect it. This method is a lot trickier, though.

Third Pink Coin

This one isn't too difficult. You'll want to avoid the Koopa Troopa though. Jumping on him or flipping off him may screw up the timing of the jump you need to get the third Pink Coin.

Fourth Pink Coin

This one is possibly the easiest Pink Coin to get in Super Mario Run. Simply jump off the edge of the green pipe, and you'll run into it.

Fifth Pink Coin

This is the only Pink Coin that presents a real challenge in World 1-1. The plateau preceding this Pink Coin has five Goombas on it. You need to jump on the last one to bounce to the height you need to get this coin. You better get used to this maneuver too. A lot of the Pink Coins coming up, and the majority of the Purple Coins and Black Coins require you to make tough jumps like this one.

More to Come

We'll be adding more Super Mario Run Pink Coin location videos to this guide in the near future.

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