Super Mario Run: How to Earn Toad Rally Tickets

Follow our guide to learn how to get more Toad Rally Tickets to challenge your friends.


Super Mario Run's Toad Rally mode is arguably where the meat of the game is, but to play it you need Toad Rally Tickets. In Toad Rally, instead of going through pre-designed levels, you compete against other players to try and get the most coins and fans. If you win, you get to take your rival's Toads, which unlocks new buildings for your Kingdom. Getting Toad Rally Tickets isn't too hard, but building the best Kingdom, you can takes a steady supply of Toads, and thus you need a constant supply of Toad Rally Tickets.

Ways to Get Toad Rally Tickets

Super Mario Run doesn't make getting more Toad Rally Tickets hard. There are many ways for you to acquire new tickets, so if you find yourself stuck using one method, just switch to another.

Collect Five Pink Coins in a Tour Mode Level

Super Mario Run's Tour Mode plays a lot more like a traditional game than Toad Rally. While playing a level in Tour Mode, you'll notice you can acquire Pink Coins at five points in each level. If you manage to collect all five, you'll have the chance to get a reward. One of these rewards can be Toad Rally Tickets.

Win Toad Rally Races

Super Mario Run Rally Results

If you find yourself a Toad Rally champion, odds are you'll eventually earn a reward of a Toad Rally Ticket for a winning match. It's not a sure thing, but doing exceptionally well in a Toad Rally race can net you Toad Rally Tickets.

Play Bonus Games by Building Bonus Houses

As your Kingdom levels up, Toad will notify you of opportunities to build Bonus Houses. Once you've placed a Bonus House in your Kingdom, you can visit it every so often to play a Bonus Game. In the Bonus Game, you'll have to pick from a set of doors. Some doors lead to rooms filled with coins, and an empty treasure chest. Some doors result in a room with one coin and a chest containing a Toad Rally Ticket. Bonus Games are entirely random, so it's the luck of the draw whether you'll pick the room you're looking for.

Buy the Full Game

You can play the first three levels in Tour Mode and play Toad Rally by just downloading Super Mario Run. However, if you want new levels in Tour Mode and more variety in Toad Rally, you'll need to play the one-time $9.99 unlock fee to gain access to the whole game. When you unlock all of Super Mario Run, you get all the World Tour levels, a "?" Block decoration, 3,000 coins, and 20 Toad Rally Tickets. These tickets will tide you over until you're able to earn more and are a real boost for a beginning player.

These ways to get more Toad Rally Tickets in Super Mario Run should have you playing Toad Rally as much as your heart desires. If you're looking for more info on Super Mario Run's Toad Rally, check out our guides hub.

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