Super Mario Run Walkthrough and Guide - All Collectibles, Special Coins, and Unlocks

Find out everything you need to know to collect all the Pink Coins, unlock all the characters, and get the most out of your Super Mario Run experience.


Super Mario Run is now on both iOS and Android devices, and it marks Nintendo's first big push into mobile gaming. The game is a side-scrolling runner that combines easy, tap-touch gameplay with the environment and gameplay of a regular Super Mario game. This hub is where you'll be able to find all our Super Mario Run guides and info and will be frequently updated.

Super Mario Run Hints and Tips

If you just need a quick clue in Super Mario Run, instead of a full guide, check this section first.

  • Mario never stops running unless you hit a pause block, which also halts the timer from counting down. The levels are usually 1-2 minutes long, so make sure you have at least that much time to play so that you can do your best.
  • Pay attention to anything with an arrow in Super Mario Run. Arrows will indicate where coins will pop up, areas that Mario can hang from, and generally the direction you want to go.
  • Stall jumping is useful for making precision moves. To stall jump, tap the screen to make Mario jump, then move your finger backward. The stall jump will slow Mario down a bit and let you get to those hard to catch coins.
  • If you find yourself unable to unlock a particular item, more than likely you need more Toads. The more Toads you have in your kingdom, the more items you'll be able to access.
  • Don't neglect Toad Rally. This mode allows you to challenge others and obtain points for new characters and items.

Super Mario Run Walkthroughs and Guides

Here you can find the in-depth tips and hints you need to master Super Mario Run. We'll be updating this section with new guides and walkthroughs as they come, so if you don't see what you need now, just check back later!

Helpful Tips for Beginners

This Super Mario Run beginner's guide will give you tips you need to be the best.

How to Unlock All Super Mario Run Characters

Read this guide to learn how to unlock the wide variety of alternate characters available in Super Mario Run.

How to Get More Toads and Win at Toad Rally

Be the best in the Toad Rally Mode in Super Mario Run

How to Earn Toad Rally Tickets

Follow our guide to learn how to get more Toad Rally Tickets to challenge your friends.

Find All Pink Coin Locations (VIDEO)

Follow our Super Mario Run video guide to see where to find every Pink Coin in the game.

How to Get Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, and Purple Toads

Our guide will show you how to get more Toads of every color in Nintendo's Super Mario Run.

Get More Friendly Runs Per Day

Follow our guide to find out how to get more Friendly Runs per day in Super Mario Run.

Learn How to Kill Ghosts

Are those Boos keeping you spooked? We'll teach you how to take them down in our Super Mario Run guide for killing ghosts.

What Time Super Mario Run Releases and How to Get It

Super Mario Run is available for a free trial on both iOS and Android, which includes the first three levels of the game. A $9.99 in-app purchase is required to unlock the full 6 worlds of the game which contain 24 levels.

How Much Space Does Super Mario Run Take?

When you download Super Mario Run from the Apple App Store, it will use approximately 350 MB of data. After that, you just have to make sure your device is connected to the internet to play.

Make sure to check back for more Super Mario Run content as it becomes available. If you're having trouble with other recently released games, check out our Final Fantasy XV and Gears of War 4 guides, or guides and walkthroughs for other games in our Guides section.

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