Final Fantasy 15: How to Complete the 'A Better Drain Lance' Quest

Follow this guide, and you'll find all the items you need to make a better Drain Lance!


During your play through Final Fantasy 15, you'll have the chance to pick up a weapon that Magitek soldiers drop called a Drain Lance. You'll more than like to get one near the end of Chapter I when you return to Insomnia. The Drain Lance, in addition to being a great weapon at the time you pick it up, has the ability to absorb the elemental powers of enemies you defeat with it.

There's a way to make the Drain Lance even better, though. In Chapter II you can speak with Cid Sophiar in Hammerhead, and he'll tell you that he has the ability to upgrade certain weapons. One of these weapons is the Drain Lance.

A Better Drain Lance

To get the first Drain Lance upgrade, you'll need to bring back a Metal Scrap to Cid. You can grab a Metal Scrap off the ground in several areas in the game, but instead of searching around just go to Galdin Quay and look near the entrance to the hotel. You'll find one there.

Bring the Metal Scrap back to Cid, and he'll give you the Drain Lance II and some EXP. This isn't as strong as the Drain Lance can get, though.

A Better Drain Lance II

For this upgrade, Cid needs Coeurl Whiskers. There's a pretty good chance you haven't encountered many Coeurls yet if you're doing this quest at the earliest possible point you can get it. To get one of their whiskers, the surest place to find one is the Keycatrich Ruins which is at the Northernmost point of Leide.

Just kill Coeurls until you get at least one Coeurl Whiskers to drop. Once you have them, head back to Cid and hand them over. You'll have to wait a little bit this time to get the upgrade so do some quests or some hunts until Cid calls you. Once you get the call, head back to Hammerhead and pick up your Drain Lance III.

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