Final Fantasy 15: How To Unlock Chocobos

Follow this guide to gain the ability to ride your feathered friends!


Everyone's favorite bird-of-burden is back in Final Fantasy 15. Chocobo's are a prominent part of FFXV's gameplay, and you get to interact with them more than you've got to in a long time. Chocobos are something you want to unlock as quickly as possible in Final Fantasy 15. Other than the Regalia, they're your only means of traveling faster than running speed and unlike the Regalia they have the capacity to transport you offroad.

Unfortunately, you don't start with the ability to call upon your Chocobo friends. Our guide will tell you how to unlock the capacity to ride Chocobo's, where you can ride them, and how to race them! We'll also tell you how to unlock items to customize you, feathered friend.

Finding the Chocobo Post

Although you'll start seeing "Rent-A-Bird" terminals as soon as you get to Hammerhead, you can't rent from them from the outset of the game. In fact, it won't be until after you complete Chapter 2: No Turning Back and pass through the Norduscean Blockade into Duscae.

Once you start Chapter 3: The Open World, Prompto will tell you how much he wants to ride a Chocobo. If you agree to his request, you get the "Friends of a Feather" side quest, which will point you towards Wiz Chocobo Outpost. When you're ready, make your way Southwest towards Wiz Chocobo Post. When you get there, you'll be informed you can't ride the Chocobos due to there being a Behemoth in the area. The Behemoth's name is Deadeye, and the smell of him is making the Chocobos upset, so until you take him down, you're not going to be doing any riding.

To begin the process of taking down Deadeye, make sure you grab the hunt posting for him from Wiz. After you finish talking with Wiz, you should have the “A Behemoth Undertaking” sidequest. Activate the waypoint for it in your menu and it will begin pointing you towards Deadeye the Behemoth.

Finding Deadeye

Before you leave Wiz Chocobo Outpost, make sure to stock up on healing items. When you're ready, follow the quest marker for "A Behemoth Undertaking." You'll encounter some foes on the way, but they shouldn't be anything you can't handle.

Once you get close to the marker, pass into the opening between the rocks. Once you're through a gang of Voretooth will attack you, but you can take them out. When you get past them, you'll see a small passage. Enter it, and you'll get your first up close look at Deadeye.

Continue to follow the marker and jump over the fence. You'll enter a foggy area in which you have to shadow Deadeye without getting too close, or letting him get too far away. Just stay close to the right side of his tail and back off or get closer when and if the game prompts you to. After several minutes Deadeye will jump over the rock wall, and you can pass between the stones after him.

Killing Deadeye

Fire magic is going to be your friend here. There's an easy way to kill Deadeye, and there's a hard way. Which way you have to use depends on just how much of mastery you have over the controls.

The Easy Way to Kill Deadeye

As you enter Deadeye's lair, you'll see that there are barrels of oil scattered throughout the arena. The easiest way to kill him is to wait until he's near one of the barrels of oil and hit it with a Fire spell. If you can hit him a few times just right, he'll go down quick.

The Hard Way to Kill Deadeye

It's entirely possible to kill Deadeye with brute force alone. If you didn't stock enough Fire spells or you just can't manage to explode one while he's by it, just start pounding on him as hard as you can. When your health depletes warp to Warp Points to restore your HP and MP and get back in the fight.

Make sure to use your ally's skills whenever possible and throw everything you've got at him. As long as your supply of healing items holds out, you can outlast him.

Mamba de Chocobo

Once Deadeye falls you just have to make your way back to Wiz Chocobo Outpost. Once you get there, you can turn in the "A Behemoth Undertaking" quest for a reward. Most importantly, once you turn in this quest you again the ability to rent Chocobos for 50 Gil a day and you can also participate in Chocobo Racing! Wark!

Now that you have the ability to call on your feathered friends at will, you can race them and customize them. Want to find out how? Check out even more of our Final Fantasy 15 guides!

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