How to Get Your First Summon in Final Fantasy 15: Titan

This Final Fantasy 15 guide will show you how to pull off an attack on Titan.


Gaining the ability to summon Astrals in Final Fantasy 15 requires you to do more than you had to in most of the previous entries in the series. Instead of just picking up a glowing orb of some sort and equipping them, you have to impress them by completing trials they set before you. This is easier said than done as the summons in Final Fantasy XV are more impressive than in any title that came before it.

Seeing these giant, powerful, godlike creatures in action will make you want to own the ability to summon their presence. Getting there is arduous, though, and the trials they set before you are formidable. Using the video and text guide below will help you on your way to collecting the summons of Final Fantasy 15, and more info will be added as we conquer more Astrals.

On The Way to the Disc

The video picks up part way through Chapter 4 - Living Legend. At the first stop after following Ardyn out from Lestallum. Make sure you don’t make the same mistake I did here and not buy any healing items. You’re going to need them. When you’re ready to leave the rest area, talk to Ardyn in the store and choose to drive with him to the Disc.

Following Ardyn to the disc isn’t hard, but you have to make sure to: A) Not let him get too far in front of you, and B) Not smash into his car. Once you reach the Disc, Ardyn will open the gates for you, and after that, you’re on your own.

Just drive towards the marker, and when you get there, you’ll get out of the Regalia and proceed forward on foot. You’ll soon find a new Royal Arm, which Noctis will absorb, then the whole area will collapse. Noctis will almost fly off the edge of the newly formed cliff, and you’ll have to tap Circle to help Gladiolus pull you up.

Turns out the whole area was covering Titan, who seems furious at everything. The rest of the area has you pretty much on rails. Make sure to absorb any elemental deposits you come across. You’ll fight a group of Dynoaevis which are weak against gunfire and warp strikes. You’ll also run into a few groups of Imperial soldiers composed of the same types that you’ve fought before. Once you reach the marker, you’ll fight one last group of troops, and then Titan will start trying to squash you.

You Vs. Titan

You’ll begin the Trial of the Titan after the cutscene. Run away from Titan’s arm, as long as you keep moving you should be all right, though he might get a few swings in. You’ll then have to begin parrying his attacks. Eventually, you’ll be prompted to “Destroy Titan’s arm,” and that’s where the real fun starts.

First off, you’re not going to be able to destroy Titan’s arm. The real goal here is just to stay alive while inflicting whatever damage you can. As you can see in the video, this battle is the most hectic you’ve fought yet, and it’s easy to get the camera spun around to a position where you can’t see what you need to be doing.

Titan is going to be trying to smash you continuously. Meanwhile, Imperial troops are going to be forming to attack Titan. Your goal is simple to keep inflicting damage. Warp Strikes are your friends here and behind where you start there are Warp Points you can utilize to restore MP and HP. Be warned, though, Titan can hit you from anywhere on the battlefield.

Expect to go through quite a few health items before you finally complete the conditions needed to win this battle. Because I forgot to buy healing items before I went to the disc, I had to use Elemancy to make a powerful Quad-cast Blizzara spell, and that’s what ended the battle for me.

Once you cause enough damage, your friends will all use Blizzara on Titan, freezing his arm and allowing you to shatter it. After a cutscene, you’ll receive the Mark of the Archaean, which is what you need to summon Titan to your aid. However, you lack the ability to use summons, so even though you have the item, it’s useless right now.

To get the power you actually need to summons Astrals, you’ll have to complete the next quest. Once we’ve completed our next adventure in Lucis, we’ll have more footage and tips to help you get even more summons in Final Fantasy 15! If you need more help check out our collection of Final Fantasy 15 guides.

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