How to Turn the Power on in Zombies in Spaceland

Learn how to power up the generators in each area of the new Zombies in Spaceland map.


Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is here, which means it is time for another splendid adventure through the land of zombies. In this article we’ll show you how to activate all the power generators in the new map, which will allow you to purchase Perks, use Souvenir Token Machines, and more.

Park Entrance Generator

The first generator switch can be found right after you spawn. Immediately turn around and look at the ticket booth on the far right when looking at the park exit. It’s hard to miss as the room is obviously marked with a big lightning bolt and the words “POWER THIS WAY”.

Head into the room and look to you right to find the first power switch sparking on the wall. It can be activated with the Use button (Square, X, F) that your platform depends on.

Polar Peak Generator

Head straight out of spawn and all the way to the back of the middle area of the park to find Polar Peak, the special roller coaster area of the park. You’ll need a good bit of cash before heading to this location, as there are a number of barricades to break down. Head up the main hallway of Polar Peak (from the center area), and then stick left, opening up the second door in the main hallway. Follow the next corridor as it twists and turns until you reach the top of the area. You should spot the roller coaster to your right, if you look directly across the window from it you will spot the power switch. Flick it on to activate the rides.

Journey Into Space Generators

The next generator switch you’ll want to power on is located within the Journey Into Space section of the map. This area is left out of the spawn area (from the center area where you find N31L the robot). After heading into Journey into Space, look to your right and head up the staircase that leads into the Astrocade, where you can play games and enjoy the Disco Dance Floor trap. Once inside the arcade, stick to the right and turn the corner just past the barricaded window to find this power switch.

 Journey Into Space is a large area, though, which means it requires multiple power generators to work. From the spawn area head back into Journey Into Space and make your way to the left. You’ll need to open up a barricade, but then look out for the glowing red tower with a big rocket ship. Head past this and then stick left. After passing under the rocket ship you will spot an open door in front of you. If you follow the path, and stick to the right, you will spot this power switch to your left on the wall.

Kepler System Generator

To find this generator, head to the right from the initial spawn area (after you reach the center of the park where you find N31L). One in the Kepler System, head up the hill and stick to the left until you spot the bathrooms. Open up the barricade, then head into the newly unlocked area, sticking to the left side of the area. You should spot a staircase with a massive painted arrow and the word “POWER” scrawled on the wall. Follow the sign to find this power switch at the top of the stairs.

With all these switches flicked on, the power in Zombies in Spaceland is now turned on. This will allow you to open up the Pack-a-Punch area, which can greatly increase the damage output of your weapons. We’ll have more Infinite Warfare Zombies tips coming in the future, so stay tuned for more details.

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