BlizzCon 2016: StarCraft 2's final Covert Ops mission pack coming later this month

New co-op commander revealed as Alexei Stukov.


BlizzCon 2016 has kicked off and StarCraft two got a bit of love with the announcement of a new co-op commander adnt eh release date for the third mission pack of the Nova: Covert Ops trilogy.

The third mission pack will be coming on November 22, although no official details were released. 

As for the new commander in co-op, it's Alexei Stukov, former Terran but now infested member of the Zerg:

Stukov and one of the new missions will be available later today at BlizzCon.

Blizzard also revealed that it is opening up StarCraft 2 APIs to the Deep Mind AI team at Google with the idea of developing a learning AI that could eventually play - and beat - some of the best SC2 players in toe world. The Deep Mind official account tweeted the collaboration.

"We're collaborating with to open up StarCraft II as an AI research environment for the global community in Q1 2017!"

We'll update with more as it becomes available.

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