How to Get the Smart Pistol in Titanfall 2

Find out how to get the dreaded Smart Pistol in Respawn Entertainment's first-person mech shooter sequel.


Dominating the battlefield is all about having the best strategies, map knowledge, and weapons. If you truly want to dominate Titanfall 2's diverse arenas, then you're going to need to learn how to activate special weapons like the Smart Pistol, which despite fan outrage from the first game, has returned for another jaunt through the land of falling Titans. In this guide we'll show you how to get the Smart Pistol, as well as explain everything you need to know about it.

First things first. The Smart Pistol is not one of your typical weapons like it was in the first Titanfall game. In Titanfall 2, the Smart Pistol works as a Boost, which is very similar to the Burn Cards of Titanfall 1. These special boosts can only be activated at specific times, once a meter has been filled. Once the meter fills, the Smart Pistol can be called in and used to take down enemies. Of course, there are stipulations to using this auto-tracking enabled weapon. While it can be extremely useful, it also replaces your secondary, which means you cannot board and attack Titans when you are using it. This means you'll only be able to run away from enemy Titans, so keep that in mind when using this special Boost.

Once you unlock the Smart Pistol, head into your loadout and choose it as your boost. Then, head into a game mode of your choice, and launch into a game. Get kills, attack objectives, and steal Titan Batteries to quickly fill up your Titanfall and Boost meters, and then call in the item that you wish to call in. Then you can enjoy locking on to enemy targets automatically with the Smart Pistol.

That's everything you need to know about the Smart Pistol in Titanfall 2. It costs 60 points to activate, so keep that in mind as you strive to take down your enemies. If you find yourself needing more help with Titanfall 2, head over to our guide on using Titan Batteries to learn what these special items do, and just how they can help your Titan stay alive and dominating the battlefield even longer.

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